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I visited Tom Smith a few weeks ago and he had this picture of my LFT on a shelf.post-7810-0-45591000-1336768696_thumb.jpHere is what it looks like now.post-7810-0-23771000-1336768992_thumb.jpI had it taken to a mechanic who is working on the motor. It has a Lanova in it. I believe it is an END672. It has been at the mechanic's since November of 2010. I had hoped to have it for Macungie in 2011, but he has had a hard time getting parts. I was excited to get the picture of it together.

I don't know what year the picture was taken,but I like the license plate set up on the front. I would like to get appropriate 1950 license plates to put on the front of the truck. I have a 1950 PA Y tag. Does anyone know what the plates from different states should be like for a single axle tractor? Do the out of state tags have specific weight ratings?


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Mike,thanks for posting those pictures! i always like to see the "old" ones especially next to a current picture of the same truck. I always liked the "horseshoes" on the Ralph G.Smith trucks,as well as their color scheme,thought it was very classy looking. I was by their place many times over the years,i wish now i'd have stopped one day and took some pictures...........................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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Those are great photos. I wish I had a picture of my U model back in the day. The oldest picture of my truck ive seen was like late 90's early 2000's but I dont know when it was taken. Doug Fetterly has the picture from when he first bought it, he didnt want to get rid of the picture.


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