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Light At The End Of The Tunnel...

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finally able to move her around. lots left to do ,fifth wheel, pintel plate, finish bumper, and a hundred small things that if i don't do them now they won't get done. getting busy with work so it's going to be hard to find time to finish for a while. scott posted more photos in gallery.


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B) Great looking truck. Give a little more info on it, Details of what you have all done to etc. Looks like it has a/c and what not. Thanks

originally tandem dump(elm city const new haven conn. one of six bought new in '63) i started taking apart in early '03 frame was a mess under dump sub frame. found two good inner rails and bought new14 ft outers from pg adams from the cab back. replaced worn 5/8 rivits and bolts with 3/4 flange bolts. q-box rebuilt with pia kit and new lower counter shaft. new two disc clutch. bought '81 RD with a bent chassis for the E-6 350 two valve and the 44 rears(4.64 ratio) did brakes with new every thing. motor got new rods and mains and a recon. jake brake, rebuilt tip turbine,673 water pump and balancer hub. had radiator recored(30% more effective?? time will tell) i sand blasted all the sheet metal and chassis parts. body work and paint went to body shop. painted chassis with john deere primer and black enamel, time will tell on that too. built the chassis and used all new valves and color coded brake lines. put the cab on as soon as i got it back in the fall of '05, BIG MISTAKE, i should have done as much as possible while it was at floor level. followed an '88 R-model wire diagram soldered and heat shrink ends. dyna-mat sound deadener and insulated the cab, electric right side window, lt. blue roll and pleat on cowl ,doors and behind two (e-bay) bostrom seats, home made head ache rack with dual exh. and light bar,home made wet tank, heat and air unit. learned a lot from this site, stole a lot of ideas, picked a lot of brains clean, lots of work, can't wait to do another one. scott


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