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Oil leak on 07 ASET 427


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Engine has developed a pretty good oil leak behind or just above the oil filters. Think this may be a common problem with this engine due to we have 3 of em and all have the same oil leak. With the filters off it looks like maybe from two places. Either where the oil filter mounting bracket connects to the block or where the centrifigal mounting mounts to the block. Oil mess stays behind the filters and runs down the side of the block and oil pan and drip drip. Not real bad ran 2000 miles after oil change and still almost full. But our government gastopo dont like oil leaks. Might get their little uniforms while they are crawling around where they shouldnt be in the first place.

Certain it is not the oil filters themselves have changed them several times since this leak developed and cleaned the mess off the engine. Anybody dealt with this in this vicinity. Is there a common problem there?

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Its probably the oilfilter stand to block gasket ( which is very common) but I have seen a pipe plug on the back of the filter stand leak as well, but regardless the filter stand/oil cooler has to come off to do either. The new oil filter stand gasket should have a steel core where some of the orignal gaskets were all paper/gasket materal.

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Probably like already mentioned the gasket between filter stand and block. Had to do this to mine. I also had a steel braided hose leaking around there at the same time. Can't really remember exactly where it goes right off but seems like it goes up to a "T" between the valve covers and comes from the filter stand. Could also be the oil pressure sending unit but my money is on that gasket. Trey

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