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Drl Question?

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So your replacing the regular halogen bulbs with a HID kit? Way cool! If I had a truck with the sealed beam round or rectangular lights I would get those conversion kits that lets you use a normal bulb and use HID's.

I hear pulling the DRL fuse in most cases is good enough. I guess the best way is to just pull the relay and see what happens!


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The reason I asked is, DRL's use's the low beam at lower volts for DRL.

The HID kit's say they need to be disabled. My panel has what looks like a large DRL relay or curcuit breaker (size of a flasher unit). Is this a ECM disable feature? I've been running Xenon bulbs and DRL does not work with these. They don't last long either..

What type of lights do you have??

Many HID conversions out there..

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Usually there is a layout diagram pasted to the back of the panel that covers the electrical ( Fuses / relays ) my CH came with it as well as 8 electrical wiring prints ( very helpful ) of the entire electrical system.

The DRL relay is the upper RIGHT relay as MACK 3P noted

FLASHER ------------ DRL

DIODE ------------- SPARE

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Thanks all, I knew where it was located, I'm running a different # bulb from stock so DRL's do not work now. I just wanted to make sure thats ALL i had to do, for disable. B4 I install HID's Thanks Mack3P for the info for disabling, I wanted to make sure was not in conjunction with anything else such as ECM.

Thanks agian.

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