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  1. I called stengel brothers spring in PA . He told me they do rattle wasn't sure if aftermarket where a little bigger so not sure what to do now
  2. Yeah my 98 with 50000 pound rears didn't have them this truck has 46000 pound rears .
  3. Yes number 7 I can stick my finger in there and move them truck is new 10000 miles on it
  4. ok I think I found the rattle its a camel back suspension and it has the side pieces on each side of the spring inside the boxes, not sure what you call them but there bouncing up and down on the insulators. is this common should I bitch to mack or is there something I can put in there to stop it, first thought was spray foam but that's cheesy thanks vinny
  5. does anyone know what engine oil mack puts in its new trucks 2019 455, cant seem to find any info in the book they give you. says 10/30 or 15/40
  6. mackpro I was just wondering I was reading about a DRL override switch that you can order from the factory . in order to put this on my truck which has DRL lights 2019 gr64f granete is the harness there would I just need to buy the switch and plug it in ?
  7. o btw the service manger at mack wanted to cut the wires and put a switch WTF. I spend 200000 on a new truck and he wants to start chopping up the harness.
  8. thanks for the response I guess I will wait and see what mack service by me says in a few days
  9. I agree with you mack pro while I am driving in the rain, but if I stop pull the parking break out which should tell the computer I am not moving I should have the option to turn the lights off. waiting behind another truck that's getting loaded with snow at night, and it happened to be raining while we where clearing the parking lot. is pretty rude blinding the guy in his mirrors
  10. they had the truck there for a day and nobody seemed to know how to turn it off they told me they will research it and get back to me in a few days
  11. Just bought a new 2019 mack granete heres the problem even my dealer cant figure out . lets say I go to work its dark out and raining . I turn the wipers on and the headlights get to the job cant turn the lights off without turning the truck off. wipers off parking break on no outside lights go off . the wipers seem to trigger the lights on . this truck has the drl option with no override switch . if I don't turn the wipers on everything works normal
  12. I have a 98 rd688, someone told me if I put the cable shut off valve on the same hose has the garden hose looking valve. I wouldn't have to open the hood and turn the valve to shut the heat off and on when weather is hot or cold . will this work ?
  13. sorry new trans was put in . seems they used another wire for reverse horn and its on the same fuse as the clutch fan now , pretty sure the wire I found is suppose to be for reverse horn, if I take fuse 42 out 30 amp fuse the wire I found goes dead, everything works but I don't think reverse horn is suppose to be on that circuit,fuse 41 . floorboard is coming off tomorrow. I don't like things butcher like that
  14. ok so i did a little more digging , if i pull fuse 41 15amp fuse works clutch fan i lose reverse horn. if i pull the one on top of that fuse witch says ( back up lps ) 30amp fuse the power goes out on the cut wire . did the idiots who took trans out screw it up ?
  15. https://macktrucks.vg-emedia.com/InformationSearch.aspx?SearchId=16 ​ do some searching and you can buy them
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