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  1. Looks like it could have been a DROPE PAVING / Moyer Sand & Gravel truck at 1 time
  2. Barry There is a place in Toronto , Ontario , Canada that does DIGITAL IMAGING for mud flaps , no min order for under $15.00 per mud flap , the flaps are the new plastic type. All thats required is a clean digital image of the desired logo. www.tdi-imaging.com they do not show the mud flaps on the site but if you get in touch they will give you all the details. With the CAN & USA $ at basically par might be a good deal.
  3. Have a 2000 CH 613 350 / 380 HP , 10 speed , 70" mid rise bunk ( not the 1 in my tag line ) and its overall average is 7.2 MPG
  4. My CH 613 was sitting in the USED MACK POUND along with 51 of its brothers and sisters ( had AUTOMATICS ) .. Went through every one of them , found the 1 with the lowest mileage and in great shape.
  5. If its the EATON / FULLER 10 Speed heres the shift pattern Low Range R 2 4 1 3 5 Hi Range R 7 9 6 8 10
  6. Has anyone experienced CAM FAILURE / BREAKING in a E7 350/380 HP , also was there any prewarning or did it just go.
  7. Usually there is a layout diagram pasted to the back of the panel that covers the electrical ( Fuses / relays ) my CH came with it as well as 8 electrical wiring prints ( very helpful ) of the entire electrical system. The DRL relay is the upper RIGHT relay as MACK 3P noted FLASHER ------------ DRL DIODE ------------- SPARE
  8. MACK needs to treat MACK owners / buyers a little bit better than they do. My local MACK dealer is CLOSED on Saturday, ( their VOLVO shop is open 24/7 ) have to drive 2 hours each way to a MACK parts dept. Try and get some response from MACK is next to impossible , get the run around about everything and basically got the THATS NICE when I told them my next trucks will not be MACK. VOLVO side is complete 180' turn around
  9. Any chance of the CAM in the NON MACKS lasting more than 350 - 480,000 miles and MACK telling you SORRY but never heard of 1 failing before
  10. The way a few MACK DEALERS act and treat MACK owners you would think that VOLVO had already did away with the MACK brand. Kind of maddening when your buying parts and 2 DEALER mechanics stand there laughing and calling the MACK junk!
  11. Call the FREE MACK ONE CALL CENTRE 1-800-866-1177 , need the VIN # and they should be able to help you out.
  12. MACK has a retrofit kit for an EXTERNAL oil line for the engine brake, had mine serviced was still weak , they did the retofit and now its working like it should
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