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  1. Yes, most new vehicles are like this. If the system thinks it is low on freon it won't let the compressor engage. On the newer Freightliners, the compressor does try to run for a short period of time before it quits. Not sure if the Macks are the same way.
  2. Looks like a clean, original truck. I'd be proud to own it.
  3. Mack Schematics ------ http://smrp-prod.mac...default_ie2.htm ------- You need to download Adobe SVG Viewer to make their system work: http://www.adobe.com...viewer/install/
  4. As FJH stated, they do interchange, the bulbs look pretty much identical. The other useful thing I learned was the availability of schematics off the Mack website. It turns out that the "parking brake applied" light and the DTRL's operate off the same pressure switch at the drivers right foot. Mack Schematics ------ http://smrp-prod.macktrucks.com/spubs/default_ie2.htm ------- You need to download Adobe SVG Viewer to make their system work: http://www.adobe.com/svg/viewer/install/
  5. I appreciate those of you who read this thread and gave it some thought. So what was the end result, one of the headlights was recently replaced on the P.S. and instead of the mechanic installing a GE9004 like what was in the truck, he installed a GE9007. This was enough to cause the DTRL's to quit working. Another lesson learned.
  6. Hello everybody, I own a 2000 Mack Ch613 and recently I have completely lost my daytime running lights. I replaced the daytime running light module in the fuse box, but didn't have any success. I have been told that the lights operate off a pressure switch in the air manifold so that when the parking brake button is depressed the lights will come on. I haven't had any luck finding this pressure switch in the truck. There are several pressure switches down by the accelerator pedal, including primary and secondary air buzzers, as well as the "parking brake" applied light on the dash. There is a fourth one, but I'm not sure what it is for and when I manually jump the switch nothing happens. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the DTRL's on these trucks, thanks in advance.
  7. Happy to be a new member! I never got involved in any of the discussions on the last forum, hopefully this will change that!
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