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Engines In B S


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Saw a fine old '65 B61 sitting in a yard the other day. Because I have a B he asked me if the engine was original. He'd have been better off picking a random name from the phone book and asking him. I will say it only vaguely look liked a END 673. It had a turbo, but had a lot of plumbing on the drivers side of it too, looked like fuel rail, but that was on the other side, where I expected it. Certainly it could have been re-engined with anything, but what were the factory options for engines in the late B days. all in all a breathtaking fine, all orginal and complete- the old 'ran when parked' a few years ago.

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The only factory engines for the B 61'S were the 673 and 711 turbos optional on 673. They also offered the END 864 Turbo optional. About the only engine that would fit in B 61 engine compartment that was of the same time period was the C or J series Cummins,it had the external fuel lines and was avaible either natural, turbo,and supercharged.The NT 743 cu.in. would require a doghouse or hood extension as theB 71 had.

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Since it's a '65,I'd be willing to bet it's a 711 that's had a turbo upgrade.The 711's had some head problems and alot were updated by redoing the heads and adding a turbo.To my knowledge,the 711 was never turbo'd from the factory.If the truck's VIN number starts out with B613,then it had a turbo'd 673 from the factory,205 hp.

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