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  1. That headliner looks great. I have same looking one, how is it fastened in the center? Mine has begun to sag right in the middle, been reluctant to get into it
  2. My B is in the shop and getting new valve cover gaskets. While the valve covers are off is there easy access to retorque the heads? They were retorqued about 12K ago- worth doing?
  3. thank you for offers of help and moral support. After trying, and trying, walking away and trying again it all made perfect sense and went together. The ultimate problem came down to a short inside of the Bussman flasher- bulb burned out frequently because it never went off and in changing it things sprung out before I could not how the were assembled- three springs, three buttons, two mysterious pieces of bent sheet metal
  4. be careful, all was swell until I took the top off and SPRONG. Kind and generous of you, if it comes to that
  5. I opened the box to replace the bulb, everything sprung out. anybody know how it goes back together? There are the two push buttons for left and right, and the top button to turn off. There are springs on all three, and two sheet metal L s that the L/R shaft go through, seems simple enough but no combination of reassebly works. There is also a wire bale on the bottom of box that plays a mysterious role somehow Ned
  6. Thanks for the advice. Everything was tight, bearings good, seal dried out from too much sitting in the desert- all fixed now- ready for pikes peak
  7. B61 with Duplex, in dealer for service, they report a leaking output shaft on trans and a leaking seal on the rear. No quote to fix yet. I think the output shaft has leaked for years, and last mechanic advised to ignore it, fix cost too much for a 5000 mile a year truck. that make sense? Going to drive it Tucson to Co springs and hopefully up Pikes Peak- hot weather- should I spring for it?
  8. I bought a compete rear end from Dennis at www.oldmacks.com good luck
  9. thanks for the tip. makes sense to lube it so it can move to engage the flywheel. I'll start there
  10. Sometimes, usually when a no start would be a big event, nothing happens when I hit the dash button. It has always fired up second or third time I hit it. I carry a spare button, but is there something else, besides my B61's sense of humor, that might cause this? Grounds look clean and tight
  11. Thank you very much for digging out that information. I hope Dennis can make Colorado Springs, but if not he'll make the ones out east. Resilient guy-, tough- like an old Mack
  12. I hope we hear something soon, this is the first I even heard he was injured. I hesitate to call Kathleen until I know a bit more. Dennis is one of my all time favorite Mack guys.
  13. If water in the oil pan is not common, I might have anotther problem somewhere that is allowing it to get in. One time a dealer serviced it and slatherd silicon under the circumfirential clamp, the next shop put a rubber rope gasket, and last shop put nothing. Water has gotten in before, when I lived in rainy Seattle, but i don't get much driving rain in AZ. think I'll dig out a manual and see what is recommended, should have started there. thanks for the opinions
  14. thanks for the info. You never have water? hmmm. I will say that the shop did not put any gasket on it. When I replaced the oil I added a 1/4 inch rubber rope around the circumference of the junction, under the clamp. I'll be watching it more closely now. thanks again
  15. Guess I got sloppy about maintainance. When I dropped the pan on my oil bath air cleaner the oil was carmel colored, and there was water under the oil. It was last serviced 6 months and 600 miles ago. how often should I check it. I wonder where the heck the water comes from- not much rain in AZ-
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