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How Many Problems?

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I'm looking to buy a Superliner with a E9 500 and my dad told me I am crazy :wacko: that they are nothing but trouble. Is he right or wrong? What kinds of problems do people have with them? Is an E9 a good dependable motor or will it leave me sitting on the side of the road? I hear that if you don't turn the fuel up they will run forever.

Thanks for any replies,



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Just like anything,you'll have good ones,bad ones and in between.Friend of mine has an early '85,started out as a 440.He bought it used in '87,ran it a few years and in-framed it,did an out of frame at one million and found some cracks in the block.He put in a new block and had it turned up to 750 hp,had turbo problems so he toned it down a little.He had some minor pump problems,and had some head bolts break,but nothing really major,and has never been stranded along the road with it.It's been majored once on the new block and is bumping 2 million miles on the truck.All in all,it's been a good truck.

Worst part about them is cost and availabilty of parts since they've been out of production.

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In my Opinion, the E9 is a solid engine, but don't mess with the pump settings too much. Seems like the ones that get tweaked too much are the ones that have problems. We stock alot of V8 Parts and most are still available...the only things that are hard to get at the moment are water pumps and turbos!

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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