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Question For Mack3p

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Just wondered if you could fill me in on why every new truck shipment my local dealer has gotten in for the past several months are being hauled by Volvos.Used to look forward to driving by and seeing a stack of new trucks coming in,now it makes me wanna puke.

Sure wish they'd let the dealers pick up their own new trucks again.My Grandpa used to do this for our local dealer all the time.He made several trips to Allentown,3 or 4 trips to Hayward,and a couple trips to New York to pick up trucks from the Oakville plant.

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We still pick up most of our new Macks...of course, we are only 300 miles away. I think there is a freight charge no matter if they deliver or if you pick up, so most dealers just let them deliver. We pick them up to save time!

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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