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Fuel Starving 673


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Howdy! I just started working on my H67; hasn't been run for years so lots of work to do. I steamed out the fuel tank, put in fresh fuel, replaced all the fuel lines, and replaced the fuel filter can with a spin-on head. I've had it running several times and it doesn't matter if it sits overnight or for 5 minutes, when I start it it starves for fuel and I have to rev it to keep it from stalling. Once it gets past that point, it will stay running. I checked the standpipe and all the fittings; I don't see where it would be sucking air. What about the hand primer base or check valves...can someone tell me if they've had a problem there? This photo is from the previous owner, it looks pretty much like that now. Thank you for any help you can give!


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Thanks to a tip from 16390, I tried bleeding the injector lines. #4 cylinder is dead and it's shooting air back through, so I thought I'd pull an injector from a spare engine and swap it out. I was reading the post by oldmacktrucks from January that talked about using a slide hammer, air hammer, Shel's Supplies custom puller, or ladies foot bars. Would one of these ideas be best for my old 673? I'll soak it overnight with PB and have at it; wish me luck. One other question: If I have an old 711, would the injectors be the same? Are there model numbers on the injectors? Thank you!

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