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Egr High Temp Code

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came out of des moins, ia. run it up between 75 and 80 mph. and set the cruise.

othr than 3 or 5 pee breaks, each less than 5 minutes, drove to cheyene,wy.

the last three hills befor cheyene it would lug down to low 60's but still above 1400 rpm's

the check eng light would come on for a couple seconds, vmac would display a message for same amount of time. not long enough to read it.

pulled in T/A checked vmac for faults, showed 3 times egr tep high.

egr coler has about 110,000 miles on it.

fueled, parked then cried myself to sleep......

any thoughts?????????????????????????

going over the hill threw park city,ut. 2maro. grossing 80 its gona be a pull.

not counting the 3 hills in WY.

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holy canolie I hope we aren't seeing a repeat of days gone by coming up again. I still have the EGR plate in mine and haven't had a prob with plugged cooler and still no codes. The bearing went out in my fan hub and I've had to replace 1 headlight bulb outside of regular service since these guys talked me through the EGR and turbo problems I was having.

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