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Third time it's been listed. I do believe he wants to keep it.


I've see this one at least 3 times myself, its a shame the trucks in this condition, but it would take a small fortune to bring it back thats for sure!...mark

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$500 starting bid, reserve not met with no bids? wonder why its not selling... I bought My RS for 3k and drove it home from Kansas City. that truck needs 3K just to get out of the yard on its own power...poor dog....

I don't think it will run right now. Take the $3K and have a lowboy haul it home.

I saw this several days ago, a real shame.

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He obviously does not know how to sell his truck. $500 opening with a reserve = people walk away (or click away in this case) from your ad. And to top it off he has pictures of it covered in crap and used a a wall to hold back crap. Way to go... genius.


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This is a dump truck that needs a complete restoration Really? . It is a rare find Compared to what??? and a canditate because all the engine, tranmission, and drives are intact Where?. It has a Fuller 13 speed transmission. Was parked several years because of a leaking headcasket. The cab is intact about the only thing "intact" and doors open and close properly. The instruments are there. Seats need upholstery. This truck has not been robbed of parts That's funny, sure looks like ALOT of things were robbed from this truck.

Dump was working when parked surely making it worth ALOT more money?. Buyer must pay to load and transporation. Duh

Very sad indeed.



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