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Crane and Rigging Company has this truck in Tampa. Super heavy duty - 8 spoke wheels, 14x24 rubber, walking beam suspensions. truck is in nice shape. Dispatcher says they do not use it much, but it has never failed to pull whatever they have hooked to it. 2 stick transmission






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i would love to have that truck with a 22 footx102x102 coal bed for a off road truck would never have to worry about being over loaded that truck could haul anything you could put on it without breaking a sweat. would probabily need back surgery before long though it would be one rough ride. lol. joe

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Would you happen to know the model number of that DM800 you took photos of?


I don't know - the plate inside the left door was missing and I really did not have the time to poke around on the truck.

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John, My truck has 65K rears and a triple frame with no rust. I believe it has spent most if not all it's life in the south. It was owned by Mayfield in Atlanta when that company was purchased by Guy Turner (aka Turner Transfer) in Greensboro. Some place along the line the Cummins was removed and a 12v71 and 6 sp auto from an off road rear dump was shoehorned in. We are installing a Big Cam 855 and Mack trans with a Spicer aux. It will be very close to original.

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