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  1. Jimbo, Would you happen to know the model number of that DM800 you took photos of? Matt
  2. Nice Autocar, by the way did this truck use to belong to Howard Bowers Contracting?? If so, do they still have that DM800 forsale?
  3. Presently have a wet type air cleaner directly on top of the carburetor. The cleaner's oil sump bottom is rusted thru in many locations and won't hold oil, and I don't have a replacement cleaner. Will be replacing the cab shell with another cab which had a diesel engine and an external wet type air cleaner(in good condition) on the passenger side. If I switch over to the external air cleaner, will there be any adverse restriction on air flow due to the length of tubing going to the carb, that affects engine performance? What kind of connecting "tubing" might I need? Any thoughts on switch
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