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Excavator Water Sking ?


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I tried to post that a couple weeks ago but couldn't get it to link. Anybody else have the same problem(s)? Haven't really had other problems before.


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I saw that on 700WLW's site, on Scott Sloan's blog, or his site, onequickbeer. They have good stuff. I used to listen to 700WLW in Cincinnati whenever I was in range, then I listened 24/7 when they were on XM radio. Now I don't get to hear it much anymore but I always check their website.

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If it was a V*lv* hoe, I would suggest putting it in water deep enough to submerge the top of the boom when it's all the way up.


No sir boss I don't know how the track hoe got this deep in water. I tried to tell ya to not buy a V*lv*, at least you aren't brain dead boss and got Mack dump trucks instead of them V*lv* and if they were V*lv* they would take a missing. That isn't a threat boss but a promise! :lol:

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