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Square Tanks

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Barry had some reproduction tanks that would fit and function perfectly. Although not a carbon copy of the originals installed onto a B model, they were close and rust wouldn't be a factor.


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Never did here back on the tanks.

I'm good on tanks, but you never know when a set might come in handy!!!

I'd take them if they came by but transporting them might be a long haul to Wyoming!!



Those tanks became HOT potatoes, after I called they got sold. Had a couple dents and a welded place. Kinda slowed me down for several hours on decision. Don't think he wanted to ship them this far.


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I've got two sets to put on two trucks.

Then I'l be out!!

Coulda used a pair as back-up or for the next project - - - what ever that might be!

Getting tough to find!

Hang in there - - - our ship is bound to come in one day!


Keep a clutchin'

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Tanks..............oh ya. Just this past summer my passenger tank grew a leak around the foot tread. Got it drained down and waiting for winter to do something with it. I've got one last spare, the foot tread is missing from it, and I'm just not sure what I will do. The drivers tank is okay so far, but who knows about it? I'd like to cut them both apart and weld in new panels, as the rest of tanks seem okay.

I remember years back someone had a set of aluminum diamond plate tanks on a B model....that looked cool!



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