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Hey From Pa


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thanks for the greeting Steve, Its a 56' b42
is it still original thats gas right ? were you able to drive it home or did you have to haul it ? I got lucky when I bought my 57 B-61 contour cab it was still registered in Ny with historical plates .so we were able to take it up the road and bring it home. We took cab off this spring and sand blasted it and put in some patches here and there it will be in primer in a week or 2. I have fridays off in summer months so I try to work on it fri-sat every week. how old are ya? I am 31 my uncle had one when I was little and he died when I was 12 truck was sold and we have not seen her since looked for it for 2 years off and on. so when this one i have came along I bought it . steve
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Welcome and Congratulations Steve, I was 9 years old when I went crazy about the B models. Now that i'm 10 years old, I'm still crazy. I drove mine also when I was pondering to buy it. I was lucky that the previous owner brought it to me on a lowboy, last year, end of August. Did you buy your truck from Dennis in upstate N.Y. ?

I'm trying to learn something everyday and I still have many questions. I'm in the process of finishing a warehouse on my property to put my truck in. Ya just can't get one big enough for all of the future "TOYS"........ right guys ?.............Steve, remember to keep the shinny side up.


mike :)

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:WELCOME: Good to have a new member. Post pics as soon as possible. We don't care about condition of the truck but sum peepole dun reed so guud an the pickturrs ar guuder!

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Mike, The owner of the truck is from my area, He just had it stored at a family members house in NY.FARMER i am from the poconos but i love the altoona area because of my love for trains.Greg thanks for the greeting i will post pics ASAP!

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