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  1. That's what I heard, and I have no clue why. They're trying to make a Mack that is a mass production disposable truck and that's what Volvo become now days, and not just them. If I decide to let go on Mack and how I see things vith Volvo that most of those trucks is born with problems that cost so much time and money what I have to expect from a Mack that's built by same people. I have to admit that Mack become very comfortable truck compare to older before Volvo get involved but quality is catastrophic. I'm OTR O/O and for specialized transport I just don't see Mack any more as a workhorse reliable truck, but I still hope that I'm wrong and someone will proof me wrong
  2. There is no Mack anymore...😔 I owned a Mack truck for so long that I felt so sad other day when my wheel bearings failed and on the new hub it said Volvo made in Austria...junk. Looking to buy a newer truck in future but now I'm lost but Mack to work in specialized tranport doesn't exist anymore. It's just pu..y volvo truck with dog on the hood (I hope someone prove me wrong) and I will be forced to go with KW T800. Looking at today's Macks I really don't know what to think. I'm heartbroken 😭 that toughest truck and most profitable is destroyed. No more Titan no more Rawhide, what we have now ?? Anthem??
  3. Seriously I'm reading about people (Mack owners) complaining about mack power loss, and I'm a driver all my life in the Mack. My 1999 CH 613 was so reliable truck sold with 2 milion miles never problem with anything, but reason to sell was loss of power, gears droped uphill with empty Double drop trailer. Now I have nice ride (compared with CH) CXN613 that was so strong that Pete with C15 Cat could not run away from me on big hills.... until same thing happens. One day it starts idling 500rpm I fix that but turbo boost drops from 40lbs on hill to 28-30  dropping gears on every hill and nobody knows why. I learn a lot about Macks and trust me it's still good solid truck compare to others but this issue really getting on my nerves and I wish that someone of this Mack specialist can answer this Virus attacking this engines, I didn't run into nobody yet but those part changers to ask me did I check this and that...filters 🙄🙄🙄, or telling me it maybe this maybe that. I can't listen to it no more. I love this stubborn trucks but if they don't fix this issue I will be forced to.... buy another MACK 

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    2. megatron


      Today I has broken bolt on EUP right under turbo flange #4 so I take turbo down to get broken bolt out easier. Now I could take better look at EGR valve and I notice it has black dirt over the valve mechanism... than I realized it coming from shaft that operate valve so it may be a problem because it loosing manifold pressure to spin a turbo and from other side it loosing a boost from intake mnfld. I think I'm just going to shat it under valve and try to c whats going to happen 

    3. Mack Technician

      Mack Technician

      You ever consider just putting the EGR delete module in?

    4. megatron


      Yes I did but this valve have mechanical problem so that will be fiirst to go

  4. How ECM know that fan output is Not on?
  5. Look like the problem is somewhere between fuse and conector to A/C system. I checked everything around that I can see. Now I have yellow light on with 4-2 message and I know that's fan output. If it's not somewhere in harness than don't know where else to look. I run another wire to power APADS and it's start working normally, but 4-2 didn't go away so I hope I'm wrong, as I see the problem is hiding in the harness, where...?? God know. I'm on the road now and don't have tools to trace problem, or you have better idea 💡
  6. Fuse have power if right info, checked all wire between fuse and HP sensor no any voltage
  7. Thank you now I have all info needed.
  8. I'm sure there is no voltage in red wire
  9. Thanks, as I said before I don't have fuse numbers it's missing, there is one fuse in outer box that is not powered. is 41 in box on the firewall??
  10. Hi everyone, I have 05 Mack CXN613 and A/C quit working, after I check all fuses notice that APADS lights not coming on at all so I'm not sure how to check that component because green wire is powered when I turn A/C on is there something I'm missing, also I don't have fuse guide in my outer fusebox cover and not sure what fuse is for what, if anybody knows plz let me know it's hot in this cab 😩
  11. If MackPro doesn't know than I'm selling this Bulldog 😂😂
  12. You have to first check where is a problem, it can be the pin at rod connection or actuator inside. Seen a problem like that and solved easy with pneumatic tool oil. I opened the air line on actuator and putt some lubricant in. Than I manually (using a wrench) pull on the actuator rod couple times. It was about 7 months ago that driver didn't complain yet. I'm just trying to give you idea. There should be air drier filter for VGT that people don't like to change and to much moisture damage control box or actuator cylinder actuator and sensor itself cost about $1400
  13. I have Cxn613 for 3 yr don't really know what's a difference I
  14. Is it first time happening or have same problem before?
  15. This is going to be one hard to find since we check everything OK , the only questionable item was FAN speed sensor.... butt no Foult Code by ECU. Pin No5 don't have 12V or any power, since harness is checked OK the only 2 things can be wrong. Something burn inside ECU at a time that belt broke and cutt a Fan wires, or this ECU need a good Fan Speed sensor reading to activate Power to operate Fan drive. Actually I can't get info of how this ECU is programmed and what Parameters it need to do it. Does it control Ground and hot wire or just ground ( all wires coming out of ECU) Only test I can try is Feed 12V on the pin No5 together with harness connected and see how ECU will respond... 😩😩 or take truck to dealer and ... and... just tell them to fix it $$$$ I will change my Megatron to Behr Mack Fan drive EXPERT I WISH I newer sold my dear 99 Mack CH613 with almost 2mil miles on it was a Champion of roads
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