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  1. Ch 613 e tech lightning bolt code 2-4??? I have no tail lights but I have clearance lights???
  2. Went to change the sensor and found the plug lock was broken and was not plugged in all the way!!! I really do appreciate everyone who replied!!!
  3. Thank you!! Also can you tell me what makes this sensor go out
  4. Ch 613 etech flashing code 3-4 can anybody tell me what the code is?????
  5. Ch 613 etech Lightning bolt on dash is flashing 3-4 code????
  6. I have a 01 ch 613 etech! It ideals good but when I get out on the highway it acts like it is starving for fuel!!! I will have the throttle on the floor and it cuts out and will drop rpms!!! We have ran the rack, changed the fuel pump and changed the timing sensor!!! What could it be
  7. Name: mack ch613 (2001) Date Added: 19 September 2013 - 11:10 AM Owner: ronniewalker45 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
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