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  1. Mike-tried calling you on 978-256-4379

    shoot me your guys contact info if you don't mind and I'll see what he says.  1000 CCA Interstate is listing for about 150 bucks- I can also get 1000 CCA at Advance auto for 141 less A 20% COUPON I HAVE.  Think I'm going to cut back to two-one on each side.


  2. Bob I can set you up with my battery dealer, good service, and quality product. He sometimes has used batteries. I think you have my phone #.
  3. Bob, I see no problem and have done it before with no ill effects. As long as they are both 24X8.0. I hope that there weren't many bad things said about me!
  4. Bob, do you mean on the same spoke,or interchange pieces on the rim?
  5. Air ride would be a nice update, you could get a cutoff with a good ratio probably for what it would cost to get better gears installed in your pumpkin.
  6. Rectifiers were discontinued back in the 70's. I converted many of those to Leece Neville or Motorola integral alternators. I think they are called Load Handler now. You will just need a pos and neg cable. IIRC you will need a new pulley also, the original had tapered shaft.
  7. The only difference is the shift knob, you can take any 13 speed knob, break a small piece off plastic that limits splits and you have an 18 speed.
  8. Another great Barrington show, brought two of my Brockways. The only problem is they pack the trucks so tight it is difficult to get around and take pictures.
  9. Did some more research, Weller has reman available but pricey. about 900 dollars, available thru McDevitt.
  10. Transaxle in Shrewsbury is OK, stay away from Camerota, had some issues with P&S also, wont go back there.
  11. Hi Guys, Anyone interested in meeting at Sundays show at the Bolton Fairgrounds. Maybe we could meet at Bobs (Red Horse) truck at noon for a group picture (if there is a group). Any interest?
  12. Bob We need the wheelbase in other states, Vermont for example. These trucks go all over the New England and New York hauling contaminated materials.
  13. Planning on going, Brockway is all waxed, fuel it up tonite. Hope it don't rain.
  14. Some more New England based carriers, now gone that heavily used Macks; M+M, St Johnsbury , Hemingway, Blue Line, Plymouth Rock, Purity Supreme Supermarkets. I'll think of more later.
  15. Had the same problem, if you are using Mobil, stop. Went round and round with Mobil and finally switched to a Kendall semi synthetic blend,SD XA 15W40. The Fleetguard filters are a problem also, we use Wix now.
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