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  1. I was behind her at Donimos.Had a tuff time with my order. All I could think of was those honey glazed buns.
  2. Looks good Ray.Glad you got it. it was good to see you again and meet your family at the show. Steve
  3. A week ago Friday I unloaded in Hagerstown,Md at Blue Seal Feeds. In the back was this junk yard.Lots of Mack stuff,Mack factory trucks,etc.Didn't walk around, was in a hurry still had to load in Marcus Hook,PA so I could make the show on Saturday
  4. I like what you've done with the speaker mounts.Much nicer than those chunks of fabric hanging down that won't stay in place with a heavy speaker in them.. Steve
  5. I'm going to be loading in philly late Friday night.was wondering if anyone knew where I could park my loaded pnuematic tank so I could bring the jalopy to the show Sat. A.M. Steve
  6. Looks fantastic! I see you are an excellant fabricator.Nice job. Steve
  7. I really like it. We had a pair of Canadian 1982 R models that came new from dealer with these.Wish I had taken them off when we sold the trucks.Steve
  8. I just put a new PAI tach cable on my truck.Still has the metal ends, half the price. Steve
  9. They decided to use all that is salvaged for animal feed.Didn't want to take any chances with quality.Nice there are still businesses like that.Steve
  10. I'm planning on being there Ray. If I can get a load to Reading or the Philly area I will be .Steve
  11. I bought this truck in Florida 2 1/2 years ago.My wife flew down with me to ride back.When she saw it she asked me what made me think this POS jalopy would make it back to New York.It's been the jalopy ever since. Steve
  12. You got some good pictures going on Ray.I have noticed there is a pilgramage of young bimbos headed to Winfall.must be to see O.D. Glad to see the RW up and running again. Steve
  13. Make sure you have a 45 degree street elbow between the vent and carrier.This will elevate vent and make it level. Also make sure it's not overfilled. Steve
  14. Put the old jalopy to work on a vac job at one of the flour mills in Buffalo. Been running it the night shift,6pm to 9 am fot the last 10 days We've been using 6 trucks nonstop to pull water damaged wheat from 4th floor bins.Needed a night off. Will be dine later this week.
  15. Ray not retorquing the heads right away has bit me a couple of times too.I guess some things just can't be put off.The retorque is always a pain.Like why strip all this stuff off I just put on so I can do it again.We've all been there.Just glad nothing too serious. Steve
  16. Nice pictures Ray. I noticed they are taken from your CH. is the RW OK? Steve
  17. Nice find Ray. That would have cost some major time and money on the road. Steve
  18. Once again nice pictures Ray. Steve
  19. Nice find!Glad you ended up with it.The Generals have always been one of my favorite trucks.I drove a Superliner with a 8v-92 for a couple of years.They are a powerhouse.You'll enjoy it. Steve
  20. Took this pic of a local dairy farmers 1987 RW613.Tried the shot while moving but a telephone pole got in the way.It's an E6-350 4VH with a t-2090 and 4:42 Mack rears on Neway airride. steve
  21. Saw this at Regional international in Rochester,NY today .Stopped and snapped a couple of pictures through the fence.
  22. On the engine brake keep in mind you only have 672 cu. in. of engine there. it will never hold as well as an 855 Cummins or a 14.6 liter Cat.The valve adjustment has a huge effect on the effectiveness of the Dynatard. Keep a good tight .016 for intake and .024 for exhaust.As for the frame little can be done short of replacing the rails. I'ne changed 2 RD's with double frames to single 3/8 " rails.That will eliminate the problem. Steve
  23. Nice pictures Ray,I always enjoy seeing them.Too bad you don't have naughty girls in Mckeansburg like Other Dog has in Winfall.Keep the pics coming,Steve
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