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  1. Well worth doing great to flick over when pulling up thru winding hills
  2. After a few big trips and doing me proud I shouted my dog to a belly rub and steam clean then latter on its in for a wash
  3. Another one from slim dusty Married to my bulldog Mack
  4. Don't know what weights your pulling but that's doing ok Remember they are 350 hp I know that they go well I pull 420000 kg gross every day and up some huge climbs and it still surprises me what these motors will do I drive at my mid 90s it will run at 100 + but at 95-97 I get a fuel burn of 2.46 km per litre day in day out with reliability Just my 10 cents worth
  5. Totally different weather over there than what we have All day long with air con going lately
  6. Yeah Paul Big banana is celebrating 50 years there's a big sign on it this week Waterfall is at Dorrigo nsw near Coffs Harbour
  7. Just a few shots from the trip today Waiting to be unloaded That crane will do A top spot for lunch A load of fruit for the markets
  8. I have a new turbo Brand Schwitzer Model. S3a-025 Seriel. 11697-001 Part no. 631gc5126ap6 Says to suit e6 270 What is main difference to that fitted to E6 3504V
  9. Greg in reply to driving on the passenger side well Mack Australia were kind enough to install pedals and a steering wheel which in turn makes it a bit easier to do Photos of intake covers I have taken one just then but really bad light here at present I removed old screens Cut out new aluminium mesh Fitted 1/2 dogs then used christmass tree type clips to install with a led light behind Summer Yeah we'll yesterday was 42 deg bloody hot Today 23 deg that's better Photo of today's job steel formwork I cart a lot of this about grosses out at 42000 kg And up some fair sort of mountain r
  10. Youse have a totally different value liner over there ours has a set back front axle and tapered nose on the hood to allow for the axle
  11. Dam iam glad I live in a warm place So many hassles with the cold
  12. Yes washed the paint straight of the tanks This is working today
  13. Black sheep Call me and we will catch up Karl 0415 167078
  14. Jeff Escort vechile is a ford falcon ute basically a sedan with a well back on it Nice and comfortable auto so it's a lot better doing escort s as you don't have to worry about changing gears all the time when your in tight spots and have to move quickly and being on gas it's cheap to run
  15. Hey Paul Just read your post very simple and informative Hope this helps Dave fix his problem and I for one will note this for further reference Karl
  16. How long did it work for after tightening cross over tube Dave sometimes they need another nip up ( don't know why but I had one come loose again then nipped up and was good for ever give me a call when you have it sorted we finally have dry weather up here so can get back into carting onto sites again
  17. Good to see Dave love the hilly country out that way
  18. A bit of a change this week boat location Motor to the ramp Dismast and load then transport to another state Reassemble then a bit of boating before mooring in new berth That's service for the client And all done with a Mack
  19. Keep it working dave I don't know if E7 have the cross over tube between the heads the same as E6 but I remember that this was loose on one of mine once and caused the same issue I nipped it up and no further problems let me know how you go Karl / upright transport
  20. A few loads I done this week in New South Wales and Queensland
  21. They are not the greatest form off engine brake around But after not having mine on an e6 350 for a few weeks its great to have them back But hey that's just my view
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