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  1. the real joke is him and the worthless pepole he has hired, prob is no one is laphing
  2. how many years do you have to be a good boy the get santa to give you that
  3. it looks just like roger gearharts f-model and would look like mine if it had a rased roof - great job
  4. hey larry the frame streach was done at the time we had the mack pack show ? or are you in a time warp at any rate it loks good
  5. looking for gold carpet for f 700 and driver side floor carpet with bullbog
  6. now i have heard of forgeting where you are randyp and shortstack but just because our weather is screwed up with yours dosent mean the polls have shifted and texas is the new ohio but thanks for keeping our snow and we will give you back the rain in the spring thanks fopr the lafh that is one reason i am on here to brighton the day thanks charter member the 'mack pack '
  7. all mack pack members are welcome to meet up at penn-ohio ATCA meeting at golden correl in Hermitage PA, on sat. jan.14th. Come out for breakfast and stay for our meeting. We have a room starting at 8 am and start the meeting about 10am. Good times great storys good food just a good thing to do to keep charged about our past time [ old trucks ]. This invite is from a mack pack charter member [ Jay Barbe ]-fixit 4162- thanks to all and hope to see you there
  8. i have a old endt 673 with that kind of oil pressure and has had for 20+ years no probs due to it
  9. slpwlker- eather you are the unluckest guy or have a big target painted on you luckiy no tickets but are you in a demo durbie
  10. this is a uncureable sickness that we all have on here to witch there is no cure welcome !
  11. i agree!! our founding fathers had it wrong acording to todays standerds-- one nation under god , all for one one for all , do unto others and so on lets all get over the bull shit and get back to work and make this country what it was founded on hard work and freedom
  12. added sleaper sec year after restoring the pic here is at megungie frist show and i was a tandam though out its life but single w/air tag and that is the way it is now
  13. any one that gets the dobble clutch mag this month there is a story in there about my 66 R model [ the green one you see on here ] i am very prod of this story and hope that you may injoy it too the editers at dobble clutch did a good job thanks
  14. john wif took some pics of blue pump on rear i will down load and send them soon thanks jay
  15. thanks john the model # f 786st and vin is 1m2f157y1bm016067 it was sold and ship to thermo electron corp waltham ma from dealer code s -100 fleet sales on 10/27/1980 has gso# 066714 order # was q100-90254 sigature of branch manager was prohasleu [ or something like that] cant read sig very well wrights like a doctor he signed in 11/8/79 application engineer is b w sarnt [i think] only thing i see obout po# may be fleet price code was zzzz G hopfuly this helps also the unit # at argonne national lab was me-426 thanks again for your help jay
  16. thanks-- what is wreard is you screen name is jay my name is jay and both have 1966 trucks -freekie- just shows how small the would realy is
  17. I have a tandam axle set from under a brown trailer cantalever type from a 1953 alum box
  18. have you checked the brake drumd i have had some trucks with that prob and found the drums eather mounted out of round or out of ballanced if you have budd type hubs it is a prob more offen than you may think
  19. thanks ! it is one of the older ones maybe even the oldest it is #572 off the line the frist year for te R 1966
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