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  1. I have tried doing them both at once Bob, like I used to do with the old Spicers, but......no help, it's just a waiting game for the RPM's to drop, all that two stick shifting at the same time doesn't really accomplish anything, just cool to show off with the grandkids! lol. If I had a Jake on it, I could shift the main much quicker!! Did they even make a Jake brake for the old END 673's ?
  2. Yep, I figured it was just the nature of the beast. I was just hoping there may be a way to get the RPM's to drop faster, I remember an "86" R model I use to drive back in "86" it had a 6 speed ( 5 speed with the Lo Hole) and there was an aneroid (puffer) valve they disconnected to make the RPM' s drop quicker so you could shift it quicker, and it would give it back it's bottom end grunt too! I know the old Spicer 5+4's and 4+4's I use to run shifted slower on the main box too, but not this damn slow! Lol.
  3. Hi, I have a triplex double over transmission in my B67, it was a swap, it came with a duplex direct 10 speed. My auxiliary box (the three speed) shifts very quickly, the main box however (the five speed) is very slow shifting, with, or without the clutch, is there any way to remedy this? Merry Christmas All !!
  4. Awesome story! Sorry to hear about the grandpa passing, but hopefully once that old Mack is running, a part of him will live on with it! I too am enjoying my first B Model after wanting one for ever! Have fun!
  5. Winn Dixie ran these belt drives down here in Florida all the way up into the early "80"'s on GMC snub nose 9500's with 'Screamin Demon 238 "Green Leakers". I like this old Kitty Whopper, but so farrrrrrrrrr awaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy ..............................................
  6. It's possible, but it looks like a factory installation
  7. Yeah, I'm aware of that Bulldog, and I am pretty sure that was the problem, I had it happen to a Ford Bronco I use to have.
  8. I was driving my 1958 B67 tonight, and when I went to leave church (YEAH ! I drove it to church! Lol) I noticed the left rear inside tire was wet on the inside, like a seal was leaking, but only on a third of the tire, so I guess it must have leaked the last two days it sat , there is no oil on the outside of the tire, or in the wheel, so I was thinking maybe the vent was clogged, the whole rear of the pumpkin was wet, but nothing in the front of the pumpkin (the face) it looks like it came out of the vent, I twisted the little plastic cap on the vent, it was stubborn at first, but then it started spinning freely. But if it WAS clogged, how could the lube get out of it? Strange, I can see any where else for the lube to get out.I took these pics after I got home, a 15 mile drive, the spot on the tire is the same, and there doesn't seem to be any more on the rear end than there was before I left church. Maybe it was a clogged vent
  9. Gotcha, mine is a 58, but no glass fuses, just that panel in the glove box, as seen in the pic I posted
  10. Thanks, as usual, someone on here always has the answer!
  11. I know this is an old post, but I am trying to figure out this circuit breaker board, are there supposed to be buttons on here to reset the breakers?, Or are they not able to be reset? Thanks
  12. No connection This is an AWESOME deal, just TOO far away for me! GRRRRRRRRRRRR I just came across it surfing Craigslist! http://grandforks.fr.craigslist.org/grd/4721589061.html
  13. Valve adjustment and a new fuel filter is next week .
  14. Yeah, I cracked all the injectors today, one at a time of course while it was running, and there is a discernible difference with each cylinder. also, it seemed to run quite a bit better on the drive home after that, maybe the Lucas injector cleaner is doing the trick? Whatever is going on, it had quite a bit more power on the way home, and the high speed miss is just about gone!
  15. Not too sure about fuel supply, it seems to be fading a little when it gets to 2000, and has trouble sometimes reaching 2100, I'm going to put a fuel filter in it this weekend and see if that helps at all. If that doesn't help, I'll pull the valve cover and check the valve springs on number 1, but if 25 degrees isn't much to worry about, it may not be number 1 cylinder causing the problem, but still, something is causing it to be cooler than the others.
  16. Well, I checked the exhaust ports at the manifold on my truck yesterday, and all of them except number 1 were around 195-205 at idle, and number 1 was pretty steady at 175, is that a major difference? I listened to all the injectors through a stethoscope, and they were all clicking away happily. I was thinking maybe a partially clogged or dirty injector? I stopped and got some Lucas top end lubricant/injector cleaner, and it actually sounded a little better by the time I got close to home (an 18 mile drive) I am just curious if 25 degrees difference is enough to indicate anything?
  17. Would love to have that one, love old A' Cars, have seen the aluminum one's also
  18. Did you see my B67 for sale in the "trucks for sale" section in the Forums ? Keith
  19. Where is the truck located? Thanks Keith
  20. I haven't had the bed tilted up all the way yet, nor have I had a tape measure on the bed, I plan on doing that tomorrow though, measuring the bed, that is
  21. I would put the back from a flat back cab back there if I were to take the sleeper off, not a big job, but I like the sleeper, even though it is a newer sleeper, it still retains the looks of an old sleeper, and is fully functional! But like I said before, feel free to make an offer, your not going to hurt my feelings, if I don't like the offer, I'll kindly say "No Thanks" and we'll still be friends. I love the truck, I just wish I had a little more money right now to paint it, re-deck the bed, and do some upholstery work.(headliner) It is a great truck to drive, it's tight, and a lot of fun. I have people taking pics of it while I'm driving it down the road, giving me thumbs up. I've had a lot of nice cars, and trucks, but I get as much ot more attention with this than any of them!
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