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  1. I hadn't heard anything from John in a couple of years, I just turned 70 and I am pretty sure he had a few more years on him than that.....Time to clean out all my projects before my executor gets stuck with the task...would trade up to something roadworthy, right now i could really use a SA gin pole truck or something similar, or.............
  2. 1954 B42S with a really big dump bed..It was running when I parked it there but the oil level was dropping and the radiator was filling up..I believe it has an overgeared duplex..floors are rusty..included is another 1954 B42S chassis less cab $2400.00 for all. Located 50 miles NE of Nashville, TN...Also have a 1958 C95 with a bad engine that is well weathered...a 1968 CF600 that is partially stripped, had a good turbocharged engine with a Spicer 2 speed behind it...
  3. Have 4 new 11.00X24 steering tires($1000.00) and 4 virtually brand new 13.00X24 deep lug tires($800.00) that need to be adopted....Located south of Nashville,TN...have pics on one of the computers.
  4. I already wonder about their accuracy, the Huntington Beach FD Seagrave is definitely not a Suburbanite
  5. Have a B65 contour cab with doors and rear glass in primer
  6. I have a DM600 steel front end also, including the radiator complete with bulldog!!!
  7. Columbia, about 45 miles south of Nashville
  8. Tentative sale on the B81, B42, and both Whites
  9. Make me an offer that i can not refuse....i am not trying to retire of this truck, just trying to get back some of what I paid for it.....do you want to come down and pull them or should I get my guy to pull them??
  10. B81 has a really solid cab with none of the usual rust found at the back.....but the tops of both fenders are rusted through......I bought the Oshkosh and had it hauled to Middle Tennessee but had to loose the plows due to size and permits and so forth....Fleetstar is probably a parts truck, guy that i got it from passed before he could find the title but he had been using it for his paving company.....
  11. Is this what you are looking for??? Also have a bumper but the chrome is poor
  12. Have what's left of a CF600 and a rough but running SA B Model dump, A 1960 White 4000 , a 1954 White W24 oil field truck and an old IH Fleetstar in the Columbia place, up in Macon Co have a B81SX and a B42S dump as well as a C95 a Ford F600 gin pole truck and a FWD 6x6
  13. No, it was, if I remember correctly, a Rock County Wisconsin plow truck
  14. 1945 Oshkosh W906 plow truck with factory installed Cummins HRBB. Was running and driving until the batteries gave up. Complete with 3 of the original 1945 14.00X20 tires!! looks like its been kept under cover most of its life. With a top speed of 38 mph, you probably will not be driving this home...$2400.00. email to mackb67@bellsouth.net or call 931 388 2729....Located in Columbia,TN
  15. Have an older CF that i am parting out.....I am about an hour south of Nashville,TN
  16. B42 radiator, looks good, I do not see any damage, well coated with oil on the inside.....$200.00 or make offer. Mack Maxitorque transmission, when I got it I was told that it had come out of a running F model....$250.00...Located in Columbia, TN.
  17. Bought from Watts Mack many years ago and never put into my Mack. Mack is gone and it is still here. $195.00 plus what it takes to get it to you. Same thing that Watts is still selling.
  18. Time to try to make some room in the pole barn....1945 Oskkosh W906 plow truck from southern Wisconsin. Factory built with a Cummins HRBB. Unfortunately no plows due to cost of oversize load permits when bough many years ago. I guess you could drive it home if you had a lot of time(38mph top speed) and a lot of nerve(3 tires are originals). No parking brake as it apparently hand grenaded many years ago. Definitely an interesting truck that has been kept undercover for many years. $2500.00 or offers, trades.
  19. My apologies to all, I was not aware of the PM icon at the top of the page until just now.
  20. Have 2 B42s with the 401, one is froze up and the other appears to have a cracked block. I have parts, problem is both are parked 100 miles away
  21. Having issues with the mackb67@bellsouth.net email account, sometimes I do not get an email for 24-48 hours. If i have received your email, then I have told you that the mirror mounts have been sold. Is there any way to delete one of these postings after the item has been sold?? I have not been able to find a way.
  22. Headlights have been adopted. Sorry that I do not have more
  23. Had these for about 10 years, when I bought them I believe that I was told that they were for some form of WW II military Mack. Never used them, don't now have a use for them. $125.00 plus the ride. email to bikesbits@bellsouth.net . SOLD SOLD SOLD
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