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  1. The whole thing has to go, I no longer have any place to part it...I can see if i can get the fifth wheel off but that might be hard with it on the trailer.
  2. CF600 went for scrap...B65 has a title and the engine is not stuck but if someone doesn't speak up it may go for scrap too....I had always fancied dropping the steering column, putting a couple of bucket seats on it and making a speedster out of it...just an idea
  3. Codes is up my butt so both need to go....1968 CF685 had a good running 65 k mile ENDT673 but the Spicer 2 speed took a dump and has been partially stripped...B65 rolling chassis with a UniShift
  4. I guess that answers what it is, I could find nothing on it to identify what it was other than casting and part numbers. ...QUESTION: Would a TRD67 be what might have been fitted in a B42SX as I have two of them in a returning to nature state.
  5. UniShift is the correct term for this transmission, I had somehow gotten the incorrect MonoShift ingrained in my mind. Next time i am out where it is parked, I will get a look at the numbers but it should be a TRD725 or TRDL725. For the right $$ i would part it out as no one seems to want the complete project truck with the very nice contour cab
  6. Have a MonoShift in a B65T rolling chassis that was a project that I am never going to get to.
  7. Hydraulics, all wheel cylinders were sleeved in brass when I got it and has only had DOT 5 in it....still available
  8. Have a CF600 that I am parting out but I would think that the widshield gaskets are pretty hard
  9. I would really prefer to sell the whole project as a single unit, not part it out
  10. More to this DIY Mack B65 tractor..fenders and hood are also present, also have an early duplex transmission if MonoShift does not tickle your fancy
  11. Very poor ones at this time but this is what I have. radiator is off to be cleaned, and both bottom and top tanks repaired(have a top tank that is very close to the original which was not repairable)
  12. 1954 Mack B85F ex-Youngstown, Ohio Eng 15, 707 five speed. rust in the hosebed and dents in the left front and left rear fenders. Does come with hard suction hoses and a set of wood ladders as well as original Mack tripod bell and siren mounts. Brakes were gone through many years ago and all wheel cylinder were lined in brass with Dot 5 in the system. Has been stored for the last 15 years indoors and on concrete. These are the only pictures that I have at this time. Engine is located near Lafayette,TN. Probable loss of storage is the reason for sale. $5000.00 Also have a 1954 Seagrave pumper and a 1929 Mack Type 19 ex-Detroit project available
  13. Maxitorque transmission that i was told previously had lived in an F model. Great yard art but someone must have a need for it. $500.00 or make me a offer
  14. Appears that i am in danger of loosing both all my indoor and outdoor storage so everything must go. 1982 MS200 rollback with a 26ft hydraulic steel rollback with hydraulic winch, was driving but was very down on power and now has water in the fuel. $3000.00 or make me an offer that I cannot refuse. More pics available.
  15. Do to the fact that I may be getting screwed out of all my storage, things have to go. B65 contour cab includes the doors and the rear glass. Body work was all done and looks to be very solid. $1200.00 call me at 931 388 2729. Rest of the truck is available, Single axle with a MonoShift
  16. C95 has had so much brush grow up around it, it can hardly be seen....need to spend several hours with the chain saw to get to it. It was fairly solid but well stripped when it came to me
  17. Birthday picture of my Type 19 or 1 of its two brothers
  18. 1954 Mack B42SX, 401 and a duplex. It was driven to where it was parked 15 years ago. Cab looks very solid for its age, condition of the engine is questionable. Good title, located about 45 miles NE of Nashville,TN $2750.00 or would add $$ and trade up on a running rig. 931-388-2729
  19. My ex-Detroit 1929 Type 19 is listed on the ID tag as an APDR, louvered hood and disc type wheels
  20. Transmission that i was told came out of an F model. I do not need it but i hate to scrap it out. located in Columbia,TN...message or call 931 388 2729.....asking $500.00
  21. Another project that I am never going to get around to. 1929 Mack Type 19, one of three that went to Detroit in 1929. Built on the AP chassis with a 707 power plant this was the big boy. I have had it running, many years ago, and the engine sounded good with no excessive smoke. Has been kept undercover on concrete. Radiator is off, the aluminum top tank was severely damaged but after years of searching I found a steel tank that matched up on all but 4 holes which are off half a hole. Tail board is severely damaged and will need re-building. There is very little rust. I have chased down several parts for it including a set of re-coverable seat and a set of correct looking headlights. It is sold on a bill of sale, that is how it came to me. Currently in Lafayette,TN message with questions or call 931 388 2729. Sorry for the poor pics, I had camera issues an found out that my tenants had put a bunch of their yard sale s__t in the building. Asking $10,000.00 I will also be posting ads sore a 1954 ex-Youngstown,OH B85F, a C95 parts truck(spun bearing) , a well stripped C685F and a 1954 Seagrave 531
  22. Time to clean house on projects that I will never get to and parts that i will never use. Complete steel front with radiator that i believe is correct for the DM600. No major damage, right side fender has a small crack at the very rear and both fenders have been notched for clearance at the rear on the inside. Located in Columbia,TN...message or call 931 388 2729...asking $1000.00 for all
  23. In the same vein, since I will never get around to doing it I have decided that i need to part with my 1929 Mack Type 19 which is one of 3 ordered by Detroit. I would say it is in better shape than this one, I did have it running at one time before the carb was professionally rebuilt. Radiator is off because the aluminum top tank had rotted out but I have been able to source a steel or cast iron top tank that is correct on all but a few bolt holes. has a 707 flathead 6, chassis tag has the model listed as an APDR. I am very shy on pictures but I will try to get some the next time that i am where it is currently store, under cover on concrete
  24. I believe that I have one, came off a DM800 but i do not remember what year, I can get you some pics if needed
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