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  1. MT I have a friend that bought one of the AI400s at a Gov.auction for a replacement engine. The trouble is the truck has the E7 and he is wanting to install the AI400. Can it be done?
  2. A friend of mine has a Mack with the E7 it has a bad block. He purchased a AI400 will he be able to install the AI400 ? If it can be done what if any changes need to be made?
  3. If we only knew who made some of these no name brands we could be saving money.Like the Wal Mart diesel oil.You know Wal Mart does not make their own oil.
  4. I think it needs some Chrome and Aluminum wheels.
  5. Now that is the kind of rig I like.Plain and simple. If you notice most of the owners on Trick my Truck are broke and the before pcs of these trucks makes you think what junk yard did they come from.
  6. Funny that's what some of the Crooks are saying.More and more are getting lead poisoning.Shoot them then call 911.Make sure the crook is paased into another life because 911 will keep you on the phone and ask some dumb questions like are you sure this is an emergency?What kind of police do you need an when do you need them.
  7. I drive a Granite 2007 with the 460.Some times during a hard pull the lighting bolt will flash and at times it seems it will not pull worth a flip.Other times it pulls like a Mack.Any ideas to what is going on.It has not throwed a code.Some times under a hard pull it sounds like it is missing by a fluttering sound out the exhaust.
  8. I know what you mean there.All the log haulers here stopped buying Macks went to the other two mostly.But one logger went an bought a used 2000 model KW T800.Said the new trucks with the after burner stayed in the shop not making money.Thanks to EPA,Government and Al Gore. I used to own one of the best Macks built.1965 B61 with a Quad Box.62 MPH up hill down hill empty or loaded.
  9. I am driving a Granite with a 460 18 SP 2007 model.Flat ground pulling 80,000 to 86,000 getting about 4.5 MPG.Truck pulls good one time and some times like a 238 Detroit.No low end tourqe like the old Mack engines.
  10. The way I see it now your driving a Volvo with a Bulldog on the hood.All the new Macks have Volvo engines.And who owns Mack now????
  11. Any time a sales man lies to me I walk away and leave him a few not so nice choice words.Broke my wife from going Truck shopping with me.
  12. We had a 98 CH that shut down.Had it towed Shop found Wiring connectors corroded.The rubber weather proof gasket had dried out and broke apart letting moisture in.Got all the problems fixed on a good pulling truck then traded it off.Now I got a 2007 granite POS.
  13. Well your not the only one.Shop here stays full of Macks with DPF problems.We have one keeps getting recall letters.I was there Friday and a man called about a bill that was close to $900.Wrecker bill $450 the rest was labor plus $8.50 part.Connection was corroded and all they did was clean it.Truck was in warranty but not this.They told him it was a maintenance item.How many truck owners unplug and clean all connections?Not counting the battery. I had a wheel bearing installed in my 2007.Bad one was factory and made in China.Dang Mack is getting worse than Wal Mart.
  14. I don't think they build one with 100% Mack drive train any more.We have a 2008 CH and it has a Volvo engine.And to top it off The shop put wheel bearings in mine today.2007 with 161,000 miles and the original bearing was made in China.
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