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  1. I have several. Send me a picture. I have the hubcaps used on the b20 or fire engines.
  2. Was my first Trucktoberfest. I'm blown away by how nice everything was at the museum. Was great meeting a few of you there. Tried to get to meet some of you multiple times but you were all busy talking with others. Met a family who just bought a B20. Looking forward to seeing them at the show. To all of you on this site and the many of hours spent on these vehicles this weekend was worth it in my opinion. Hats off to all of you. Pete
  3. Sounds like the float might have a pin hole in it causing fuel to fill the bowl, which in turn will cause it to flood requiring you to raise rpm. if thats the case you will never be able to shift at right rpm which for me is 1200-1500. one of the greatest pleasures of owning an antique vehicle is being abe to go through the gears. also- make sure the tranny is full of gear oil. zenith carbs the number is on the top. ebay is a great spot to find replacement bowls..
  4. I'll be there too. Up for meeting the guys and gals!!!
  5. Yes- truck is staying at museum. I'm looking forward to seeing all the other b models. Top speed is about 40mph. Too slow to drive.
  6. I am honored that the Mack Museum has requested to display my B20 Mack. Looking for someone to transport from Fishkill, NY to the museum. in September for Trucktoberfest. I would prefer a Mack to tow her in. If anyone is interested Please let me know. Thanks, Peter
  7. There should be a tag on the carb to tell you what model. They sell rebuild kits or look on ebay. I found a new one for my B20. Need additional help, let me know. Pete
  8. Kevin All has one for sale. It was on eBay for a while. Has all the parts to finish. His phone number off the top of my head is 607-652-7704.
  9. I have a B20 with an EN 291, 5 speed. I'm lucky if I hit 45mph. But I'm not in a rush when I take her out. In your booklet it will also tell you not to lug or over rev the engine. At this point I have owned the truck for 6 years. I can shift up and down based on sound of the engine. That is correct. Also the reason why the small B models don't have the rot like the larger versions. Not exposed to road salt as much.
  10. In my Mack I've been told to run 15w40. On one of the forums I read that if an engine has a filter use a detergent Oil. No Filter- Non-Detergent. Best to flush the engine as written above then start new.
  11. Been off the site for a while. Glad to be back on looking around. I would like to get a bit more speed on my little B20. It has the 2speed rear but not enough. Would like to slow engine down a bit while traveling at 40mph. Is this something that can easily be done? Yes- rear end is in high. Thanks, Peter
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