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  1. This was a helpful discussion for me to read since I have been trying to figure out how to shift the two stick setup of unknown origin in our truck for a while. Still probably just need to practice but may have learned a few things here. What I'm probably dealing with is a transmission not mated to the right motor, or a motor that refuses to idle down quick enough to shift okay. In reply the the bit about clutchless shifting, and Mike's post on the previous page: This may be a dumb assumption that you guys probably all know, but I can pull almost anything including a 90s f150 out o
  2. j_ That is something to think about, it's a Mack flathead gas (Continental?) motor with a number that didn't match the original when trying to get the title worked out. So that type of motor should be what the truck originally came with, hopefully same size. For now I'm hoping the transmission is original (stick pattern matches the roof diagram) with a stick doing what the air splitter was originally supposed to. If not then maybe this transmission and motor weren't supposed to be together. If the truck was sent to Mack for the "refurb" then hopefully they are compatible, if it was do
  3. A (belated) big thanks for the carburetor suggestions and transmission information, everyone. I've been distracted and lazy in getting back and reading stuff here. I posted a couple pictures of the truck in the discussion about it's value (which has yet to be established...somewhere between scrap and priced of a restored truck as that is it's condition). We are probably going back into the carburetor come May when I finish up school and I'll be sure to post the numbers and put the truck in the registry then etc. The hole in the float suggestions is something we'll have to look at as that a
  4. Thanks again for your help, I guess for now we're in limbo until I can get some numbers. If the main stick matches the transmission in the truck (why mismatch a stick?) then it is probably a mono-shift since it has the splitter under the knob which doesn't function any more. I'm assuming the other short *aftermarket stick on the far right does the hi-low that splitter did originally but I'll be glad to know for certain in a few weeks. Best guess for now. Also, Dad has mentioned problems with water in the carburetor back when the worst of the starting problems were happening and apparen
  5. To reiterate, don't think it has dual ignitions but I'll be able to answer for certain come May if not sooner.
  6. How does one identify an EHT? Does it just mean EH Tractor, or thought I read something about a heavy front axle on the registry pages. Was the original air? powered mono-shift designed for splitting each gear? In that case I need to put an extension on that far hi low lever, can't imagine someone wanting to lean over that far and down to split every gear but who knows the cab is pretty narrow. Splitting gears as it is almost requires two people or sitting pretty much in the middle of the cab so I'm thinking it's made to just be driven in high range as a 5 or 6 speed, can't remember if
  7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, unfortunately finals are taking most of my time and thought until about mid-may. I was pretty off talking about 15 speeds...after more reading around I think this truck just has the original mono-shift transmission converted to a manual hi-low stick, and this is apparently designed for splitting first gear mainly? We drive it bobtail and generally have shifted through the low range and then shifted the hi-low going down on ramps to reach highway speed which is like 60 at best. So perhaps in the end we need to study downshifting much more and just don't k
  8. Thanks guys, we are interested in the Zenith carb parts. I've partially rebuilt a car and one thing I'd like to know is if there is any glass, leather or sensitive parts in the zenith carbs? I got a truck to run much better just by taking the carb apart, soaking it in acetone and gas, blowing the passages out with compressed air, and replacing any gaskets I broke or that were shot. And rebuilding an accelerator pump now that I think about it. This carb had a leather gasket on a glass fuel level window so I'm hoping the mack could be easier. I think dad saw a complete carb on ebay or someth
  9. Thanks for all the help ya'll I'll hopefully have some pictures and numbers after I head home this weekend.
  10. Thanks Paul I had hear that vaguely before but that makes it a lot more clear. I'm worried the clutch brake in ours might have been long worn out before we got it and we haven't done it any favors. The truck might also have an issue involving the carburetor that requires the hand throttle to be on slightly to keep it running, which means the rpm's don't drop very well. I've also heard that driving without a trailer is harder in the first place. I'm also confused as to the pattern of the gears...it isn't set up to split each gear with the second stick unless you're willing to drive from the
  11. Hello, my Dad has put a lot of work into restoring our 49 Mack but we have had a lot of difficulty learning to drive the thing. We both can drive our stick shift ford and I got my CDL getting towards two years ago now. I have driven a few bigger manual trucks at work without causing any accidents but this transmission is completely unsynchronized. The thing is unpredictable and keeps us humble but we haven't gotten much enjoyment or use out of it for this reason mainly. I am familiar with double clutching and matching rpm with road speed but like I said this truck is difficult. Also I've
  12. I'm sorry I'm down at school and I'll have to dig through my laptop or head home in a few weeks and take a few. I'm wondering why I didn't mention its an EH tractor but that is about all I know for sure right now.
  13. Hi just found this forum today after realizing how much help fordcouriercollector.com already is for my restoration. My Dad has an old Mack truck that he restored somewhat and remarkably drove all the way back from South Carolina where he found it. I posted a couple questions under general discussion about what its worth and how to drive it well. Looking forward to either getting some enjoyment or use out of it or selling it to someone who can. Fire away.
  14. Hello, I just joined the forum and I've been wondering what price I could sell a 1949 Mack tractor for. This truck is running and partially restored and somehow passes inspections, though its starting and lights can be unreliable. Its engine and transmission are supposed to be a factory rebuild that occurred shortly before the cotten gin closed down so it is a good truck that won't be needing a clutch anytime soon.
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