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  1. Some pics of me helping to move a drilling rig with my 90 Superliner.
  2. All I can tell is that it had 41 bids placed on it and it was sold in Dickinson, ND. You never can tell it could just be something minor wrong with it. I guess it is as casualty of low oil prices and a busted oil boom.
  3. I am planning on going friday if it works out!
  4. That is some good info. I really appreciate you looking up what you did. Thanks, Justin
  5. My engine code is (KT450) part # (11GBA29330P4) , according to build sheet. My serial # is 040226
  6. Of the 112 RWS768LST'S can you tell how many were built with a specific engine?
  7. I would love to know how many were built like my 79 Superliner (RWS768LST). I was told this was a rare truck mine came with a Cummins KT-19 in it.
  8. I thought it sucked also. I stayed up to watch the release on facebook and now wished i had gone on to bed. They should have shown some real working trucks like the ones we all own who have 30 plus years on the job and still rolling coal. Those new Mack trucks are riding on the reputation of the trucks that built this counrty. Maybe one of these days some ad agency may get it right but I am not holding my breath.
  9. She is still digging after replacing some solenoids and a good bath.
  10. I have stuck them before but never this bad. It took two days to dig her out with another excavator.
  11. A coal company was moving a 992 and 777 spread from one job to another down the road a few miles.
  12. Some pictures of my Deere 650H working.
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