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  1. there is a e9-525 engine for sale here in NZ if you want more oomph. Nigel
  2. An oldie but a goodie, dont forget a set of stainless steel rear mudguards. look forward to the improvements. Nigel
  3. I recall one here in Nz back in the early 80's with a 8V71 jimmy, It may have come in as a glider kit. Like the V8 badges, can you still obtain them somewhere. Nigel
  4. I called in last week to find that a new turbo for a 500 is $nzd4285 and there is a back order at present, Luvly! .I forgot the waterpump. Ill try later this week. nigel
  5. wots black and tan and looks good on a muslim? a rottweiler.nig
  6. regarding the cooling,my 500 radiator was running a bit hot until i found a sizeable amount of dirt in the fins, I Took off the intercooler and cleaned it with water then spent an hour washing and blasting out the radiator as we found the fan was running in a cold spot due to dirt build up and it would not lock in when things got a bit hot, once cleaned , the fan ran like it should. Ive since recored the radiator as there were a lot of missing fins surrounding the cores, and this has cost NZD$2800, just the sort of thing to make you love trucking. nigel
  7. The air start tank should have its own gauge on it, if it holds air , then the gauge should be up a round 100psi+, if not then ,you have an airleak, try the old method of a squirt bottle with a bit of dish washing liquid and water, then wet all the joints you can locate and see which ones bubble the mixture. My dog will empty out the air system and drop the airbags, but the airstart tank will hold its own , sometimes leaving the splitter in neutral will cause it to drop when the engine is off , as there must be a leak on top of the gearbox. If it is hard to start on the starter, unbolt it from
  8. Evening guys, The air vent on my superdog has a reasonable amount of rust around it, I can remake the steel bits but before i remove it from the roof and maybe bugger up something, has anyone removed one of these?, It appears to be held in place by a rubber moulding similar to the back window. Nigel
  9. type out a list and Ill see whats around, there is a good stock here in nz as well as bits sourced from Ausie,nigel
  10. releases some oil from the rocker gear and limits the stroke of the valve timing, a block of wood on a chain dragging on the road is about as efficent sometimes. nigel
  11. At last , someone has heard of the Volvo engine, the latest one in the fleet has been on the road a month and is just starting to free up,trouble is , that it is not running at full 44 tonnes yet, fuel figures look good so far , but as a comparison to the c15 Cat in the kenworth doing the same sort of work , and its currently rated at 470hp, the cat is using quite a lot more fuel. As for the e95oo, well it just keeps on keeping on. nigel
  12. welcome, best you change your call sign , its not very mackorientainted, if you know what i mean. Nigel
  13. In my MACK work shop manuals which date from 1978, there are photos of Scania Vabis 6cyl engines as fitted to R series Macks and all the repair and adjustment procedures that go with them. At that time the v8 was only rated up to 375 hp and doesnt show any Scania link, but there may well be more info on this. nigel
  14. We used water pressure from the garden tap to pop out the front of a 10,000 litre roadtanker tank, that had been sucked in due to vacum when the breather pipe was blocked, its quite amazing how it all happens, air is too dangerous, Ive lifted manholes off tanks and blown them through the roof with air. nigel
  15. it almost gets ya going , good try Barry, do you wear a pink triangle on your hat? hey , I like your little gallery of smileys, but you definitely need a super dog that puts out smoke like the old b series, how about it mate. nigel
  16. hi there , what do you call breathers? , mines got twin aircleaners with stainless ram pipes and squashed scoops. is that any help, check out my album. nigel
  17. Hey Scott, your Magnum photos dont show it in a very good setting! is it dead or for sale?
  18. My super dog weighs in at 8490kg, and has a short wheelbase, KW airglide 100 rear end ,hydraulics,dog bladder and sliding turntable. Nigel
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