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  1. So is it the additives in the ATF that does it? Does it matter what type ATF? And does it function as a fuel additive like lucas? thanks
  2. Several years ago Adelman's in canton oh had a row of cabover Macks with no badging and were roller painted white-really ugly! The salesman said they came from UPS and they couldn't take them away in the brown paint.
  3. thanks blueknight that was fun-i wonder who did the music?
  4. I've been looking at a lot of gallery pics lately, and a lot of trucks have red frames. Why is this; did the factory paint them red ever?
  5. Very nice models Pat, some real artistry there
  6. Thanks lmackattack it has an air to air so it must be a 300 maxidine.
  7. Looking at a U model w/ a 300+ and a 5 spd. I think it is a 1985. I didn't seem to find much on the 300+ here; is it known by something else? Good motor?
  8. Brilliant! (97%) Who has time to think these things up?
  9. Thanks for those pics; my camera was on the blink saturday when i was there. Love them old excavators, i have an insley K5 drag and clam.
  10. I agree it is a great show. Last time I was there they had quite a few b models. I have even seen an old open cab ac (I think) hauling and dumping dirt. I am going today early there is so much to see.
  11. dendrill

    My Mack

    I drive past pep drilling often and I have seen that truck there-I noticed they prefer Macks like many of the other oilfield outfits. Looks like that'll be one sharp oilfield truck!
  12. Hey Freightrain i remember seeing your truck before you got it, also noticed when it wasn't there anymore. Glad you were the one who bought it. I saw it near the mall pulling a trailer not too long ago it seems, must have been one of its last missions for the towing co.
  13. Well hey 77mackr i live near Carrollton. We go to Deersville for the ice cream sometimes.
  14. I have a bucyrus-erie 22w cable drill and it doesn't resemble that at all. Just wondering if you know anything about the drill. thanks dendrill
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