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  1. I think that is my truck. I just spend about 20 mintues comparin every little rust spot and hole and they all match up. Thats funny. It really is a small world huh? Theres even a white line on the tire in both pictures. I think i should get royalties for all sales made on that poster. lol Well thanks for havin a good eye. That just made my night seein that picture
  2. chris88


    Well im 17 and i also live 20 minutes from nyc so you would think i would listen to rap but i cant stand it. Most of my music is classic country and bluegrass. Some classic rock and metal. My favorites are hank sr and jr. Johnny cash is a good one, anything old really. For rock i like acdc, ozzy, dio, pink floyd, pretty much everything named above me. When ever i hear somebody with the rap music up loud i always put on a good country cd and turn it up real loud. lol
  3. 1/4 of an inch toe in would wear the outsides of the tires pretty quick. Im guessing theyre radial tires and radial tires should run very little toed in. Anywere from a 1/16 to an 1/8 of an inch.
  4. neverseize is a wonderful tool. Almost everything that i put together gets a nice coating.
  5. Alright i got it now. I never thought of spliting the back box with the front in low. Those damn 12 speeds are huge. Ive pulled a few out and everytime i do its almost intimidating. An 8ll looks like a toy sitting next to a 12 speed mack.
  6. I never quite understood how the figured out the 12 speed to be a 12 speed, a 5 speed main box and a low and high split and then air shift reverse. and then a compound low in the front box.
  7. I have pretty much the same truck but with a 711. would rather have a 673 but i wasnt going to say no to the truck when i found it because of something like that. Mines a 64 too. I think theres some pics up somewhere, an old thread just got reposted with pics of it when i first got it.
  8. What kind of poster is it? I dont really think the trucks poster worthy yet but maybe one day if the bank account allows.lol. I painted the truck red a few months ago so now it looks good from a distance. I just did it to cover up the rust and make it one color so it doesnt look too bad. It wont be long until i can start workin on it more though, just havent had time between work and school and everything else goin on.
  9. Fixer upper? I wish my truck looked half that good, id say its done. lol . Good looking truck. Bout the same wheelbase as mine, what motors in her?
  10. Nothing beats the sound of an old screamin jimmy. A buddy of mine has 2 track loaders with detroits in em and everytime i run em theres a big smile on my face until my ears start poundin from the noise. The only thing better then listening to a 2 stroker is watchin all the smoke.
  11. Good luck with last call. You did some mods to it after you pulled with it last right? I wish they had some truck pulls around my area but nobodys into that in jersey. Id love to take the old b in a pull, go nice and easy on her but still pull with it. Good luck with everything
  12. The fuel rack in the pump is probably stuck which is no big deal to fix but thats one of the last things i would worry about. What are your plans for it? It really shouldnt be a big deal at all to pull them heads off with the motor on the ground. Just gotta figure out a way of lifting them. Theres some weight in them heads.
  13. My truck sat for 10 years, all i had to do was unstick the fuel rack and we pulled it and she fired right up and ran without a hesitation or anything. I threw some batterys in it and now it fires right up on the starter with nothing electrical or mechanical touched
  14. I couldnt imagine there are that many wires to replace. I plan on rewireing my truck myself instead of spending 1300 on a harness. Just as long as you take your time and right everything down so you know now and you know later on down the road should the need arise.
  15. I was just kiddin. That sounds right for manual adjust. I thought you were talkin about automatics. Its amazing how expensive a brake job can get when you start doin everything. I can get a truck in and out that just needs shoes and drums in no time but once you start doin chambers and slacks and bearings and s cam bushings and everything else the time really starts to add up quick.
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