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  1. Renegade 123 I am in the Hartford, Ct. area. I have a local bodyshop, K & W Custom Auto. (860)282-2798. I presently have my Mack there. They are also woking on a Mack dump truck. These guys also work on Class A motorhomes. it is always a pain, dealing with Insurance companies. The three quote rule has been around for a long time and frankly I thought it had gone by the wayside. I am not surprised to see it again. These guys will try anything to "cow" you. Good luck Jim.
  2. Well, .....just goes to show how screwed up the CT DMV is. When I built my 1950 International pick up, I went to Whethersfield Office. There I registered by truck as a 1950 International with combination plates. (For you other folks this is a combination of passenger and commercial plates) About two months later I changed the plates to Antique. The truck was not required to be inspected either time. The truck could be considered as a compsite vehicle. The 1950 L-160 Cab sits on a 1984 Chevy 3/4 ton chassi. The engine is from a 1986 Chevy IROC and is hitched to a TH400 auto. The bed i
  3. Dustin, A regular saftey inspection can be done at the Waterbury, Winsted or Danbury Office. However you do not need to have the vehicle inspected to register it with antique plates. I have a 1950 International and a '69 Mack and neither one of them were inspected prior to the plates being issued. The inspection requirment was done away with about 8 years ago. Now if the vehicle is a compsite vehicle (mutiple vehicles combined to make one or a kit car) the vehicle must be inspected either at Waterbury or Whethersfield only. The cost is $85.00. The vehicle can not be driven until it is i
  4. Bob Is the heavy equipment show going to be at Zagrey Farms? I thought a friend of mine told me it was at Zagrey, If it is, that is an asume place. I have been there sevral times. Right now my Mack is torn apart and in a zillion pieces. Hopefuly it will back togather and painted for the show. Your '60 B should be alright. The whole point of my post was commercial use. I have seen in this string and other strings on the same subject of antique plates the alarming use of antique plates as a dodge for commercial plates. Commercial plates are for a vehicle that is for "hire" or is used to
  5. Ok guys I have been following this and I have to put my two cents in. First, I am a Police Officer in the state of Connecticut and have been so for 35 years. In the state of Conneciticut we have 'historical plates". The vehicle has to be 25 years old or older. Now here is the catch, with a Historic plates or Antique plates the vehicle is NOT a commercial vehicle and therefore is not subject to the commerical laws. No CDL is required, reguardless of how large the vehicle is. I have a 1969 Marck R-600 wrecker with antique plates. I could not list it on the registration as a wrecker becaus
  6. "Buy provisions, fill your tub, give blood" Lord, it's going to snow! Did you know it is the law in the state of Connecticut that as soon as the weathermen start pridiciting snow everyone is required to go to the store and buy milk and bread? Jim
  7. Merry Christmas to all. ( i hope the attachement works) Apparently the web site has crashed. Sorry for the inconvience. It was a cute site. Anyway Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night. (I think I have heard that some where.......hummmm.) Merry_Christmas.htm
  8. Well, if that's a wrench in his hand...we know it's not a mack. If that is a chicken leg in his hand...we know he's from 'Bama ( not that there is anything wrong with that!). On the other hand, the side burns remind me of that line from "Smokie and the Bandit"........ "Boy, first thing I'm gonna do when I get home..... is to punch yo Momma in the mouth!" Jim
  9. Hey Guys, It's not just Mack. For those of you who own Dodge Rams, open the drivers door and see where it's made. Sorry.....Mexico. Back in the '80's the battle cry was "Be American....Buy American!". So, I did. I bought a brand new Mercury. Later I found out that the Engine was made in Mexico using German engineering, the transmission was made in Germany using Italan bearings and the body was made in Canada. Here is another distressing fact; Winchester is closing the New Haven, Ct. plant. This is the lever action gun carried by John Wayne in his movies and is labeled as: "The gun that
  10. These are a couple of my last projects; 1950 International L-120 pickup truck not quite stock. 1986 Chevrolet IROC engine with a T-400 auto trans. Sitting on a rebuilt '84 chev. 3/4 ton truck chassy Sharp eye will note that the front fenders are off of a L-160 and the rear fenders are of a '63 1/2. The box is reproductin from Canada. The rear fenders had to be cut and a space of three inches added to make up for the replacement box which is smaller than original. The decals are period correct for a late fifties/ early sixties service truck. The Cobra is a kit. Powered by a Ford 428 CID
  11. Gee, Tim I hate to tell you there are no more barns in Buckland! It is now the" Shoppes at Buckland Hills Pavillon." (A mall that covers 150 acres.) The J C Penny Warehouse covers the other 130 acres. We don't produce jet engines any more just malls and Indian Casinos. Jim PS for those of you that are "Down Under" Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines ( now know as United Technoglies UTC) is located in East Hartford, Ct. Most of the work is done outside of the state. The work force at one time was over 30,000 employees in East Hartford. Today maybe 10,000. The worlds largest Indian
  12. I have to add my two cents. I agree with Deo....all day long! Gee, I wonder if B81SX is a "check book" builder? You know the type.. he picks out the color and seat material and then tells everyone he "built" the truck. "check book" builders are the reason I got out of Hot Rods. They don't get their hands dirty and try to tell you how to build your truck or at least tell you whats wrong with it. Jim
  13. Hey Superdog! Nice truck! Hopefuly someday mine will look as good. Just an observation....does that big truck fit in that little garage? My neighbors were so tickled that I had a good hobby...they called the Town on me! The zoning officer and I had one heck of a "go around"! I had done my homework and it seems that the zoning laws apply to "Commercial Trucks" only. My Mack R600 wrecker had Historical plates. Ha Ha!!!! I WON ! Jim
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