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  1. You too quiet mister, you either on vacation or off on a top secret government mission

  2. Great googly ding dang dong yabba dabba doodoo poobah wop wop wing ding its hot here,,(those are the nastiest words we have back on star cluster 19.

  3. I hates to sound like a sissy pants, but this freaking heat here has bout reached limits of human endurance, glad Im an alien from Star Cluster 19

  4. It was 106 when I broke and came in for lunch, aint going back till early morning, gonna go take short nap now, me thinks

  5. Yeah, I figured your background, you would be all over that one! Have good week,,

  6. Call out "B 52",,,heh heh heh

  7. You know how to clear out an Iraqui Bingo parlor?

  8. Just dropped in for a visit, all seems to be in order here, keep up the good work, carry on, as u were, at ease, dismissed,,,that is all

  9. I enjoyed your gallery pics, those are really good, guess you found the right socket wrench,,good job! randyp

  10. LOL,,,I hear you on socket wrench!

  11. Hi Wiley, I too like old farm stuff. Post some pics of your tractors and trucks and stuff on here, would like to see it. randyp

  12. You best get your ass back here, Robs been giving you a pretty good "cuffing" with his paws.

  13. Welcome,,get lots of pictures for your site also, we like pictures,,randyp

  14. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  15. Its colder than a welldiggers ass here!!!!

  16. You not ever home when I visit your profile page, I didnt wipe my feet and I soiled your toilet, nothing in fridge either,,,ah,,humbug

  17. randyp

    Took hambone and accompaning clinging shards of ham from Thanksgiving feast, chunked it off in giant pot of beans in slow cooker this morning, have mercy, this is gonna be good!!!

  18. heh heh, you keep posting pics like that, you gonna have me going deeper in debt,,,stop that,,,randyp

  19. havent heard from you in a while, hows sharp new red mack working out?

  20. Hows the spaceship going?

  21. Rhaslie, u gonna have to get some kinda picture under your name, that shadowy one kinda looks like a housewife with an afro,,,heh heh heh

  22. really nice looking truck,,good job!

  23. heh heh ya think other dog is laying there staring at that mirror? LMAO (i really dont know any mirror stories)

  24. gonna take off this week, go to austin pick my daughter and all of us go to san antonio for some R and R,,,,have a good week,,,randy

  25. Get outta the way in yer dern picture and quit covering up so much of mack truck! Buy a red scarf, come on, be fashionable! dammit!

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