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  1. Sweet thanks for the link. I been searching everywhere trying to find some similar builds. My chassis # is EHT1D 4721. Can anyone decode that for me?
  2. Yes it's mine. I have had it a few years and just decided to make it a race car puller. Car has 572" BBF with a glide N/A made 950hp. Best of 8.80@150mph so far.
  3. Hi guys i have came across a mack EH truck that use to be a cable tool in the oil field. My plan is to slip a 444e and allison drivetrain into this truck and pull my 44' enclosed race car trailer. i would like to leave the body wearing the patina look it has but my wife doesn't like the green and is voting for a flat black job we will see about that part later. the big 6 gasser engine and 5 speed are complete and i will probably list them up for sale for someone looking to restore. heres a few pics of the truck and one of my car (1960 falcon chassis car) it will be pulling. i think it will be
  4. well put a pressure gauge on and appeares our gauge is reading correct. called mack and got their pressure stats we are running a lb or two below spec at idle good in mid range and a little over spec on the top. i guess we are just going to run it and try to keep idle time to a minimum
  5. we just expected more on a fresh rebuild. i will check the rocker shaft plugs
  6. recently rebuilt our e7-350 and had a hard time running the overhead but believe we got it right. anyway problem now is oil pressure when warm is showing >15psi at idle and jake barely makes any noise sometimes none. we did not change pump during rebuild because it checked out good. well today we went and got a 500 pump and pickup put it in and no differnce. so my question is could the overhead adjustment cause low oil pressure? or any other ideas? we checked every bearing clearance during assembly and everything was in spec.
  7. the floats do look tuff but they wonder around a little bit. we added them and shortened the stacks down when we got it. yep 320 on trailer
  8. heres a pic of our newest haul truck e7-460 18spd also hooked to our newest drop deck trailer lot easier to load rock trenchers and trackhoe on this rather than the other lowboy trailers. its a blast to drive down the hwy truck pulls good
  9. thanks guys glad to be aboard.
  10. Welcome,,get lots of pictures for your site also, we like pictures,,randyp

  11. hi my name is paul. my dad and i run a dozer service and have 3-mack rd600 dump trucks and 2-mack rd600 haul trucks. glad to be here hopefully to find usefull information amd possibly pass a little out.
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