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  1. randyp

    Good Eye

    Yeah, now thas what im talking bout,,uh huh! randyp
  2. randyp

    Good Eye

    Yes Harry, Im bout 18 miles south of Mt Pleasant,,,sprawling metropolis of 2500 town of Daingerfield. randyp
  3. A real perfessional top notch ace kodiakotronomist is never caught surprised or off guard,,no doubt,,you musta be just starting to get old and slower,,,,randyp
  4. randyp

    Good Eye

    I have a few talents,,(very few) and painting and sanding aint one of them, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express the other night, and I did sit on a hill 4 days mornings ago and bust a 300 pound boar at 250 yards with M1 Garand and open sights on the first shot. To quote the honorable George S Patton,,,,"The M1 Garand is the finest battle rifle ever made, specially for hogs in the hands of randyp". Well,,,,He mighta maybe notta said that last part, but I bet he thought it. randyp
  5. randyp

    Good Eye

    Now that's the color I want to paint Killer,,(if I can ever pull off him off duty long enough). I want to leave fenders black, fresh new black of course, and paint rest of him yeller. I been sanding on him a lil lately and putting some rust treatment on. randyp
  6. Yes it would Paul, if I could get him off that dirt bike long enough,,lol. He says he is getting ready for motocross,,,randyp
  7. Owner said guy who brought it in scrap yard said it would run, but he hasn't tried to start it since it came in,,,randyp
  8. Well Lads, He called me today. He is starting out at 4 grand right now,,,but negotiations are in the early stages, film at eleven. Oh,,,sorry,,Thats 4 grand for the truck, not the girl, haven't negotiated with her,,,,,,,,,(yet). Anyone interested, let me know and can get you a contact number,,,again, for the truck, not the girl. randyp
  9. ahem,,only 2 needed. Now, you can get by with no batterys ifn you just hook one of them old crank handles out the front connected to the crankshaft, but you best be a muscled up feller to start it. randyp
  10. Ahhh,,,a fellow Lucas believer! I bleeve in that stuff, even pour a lil on my cheerios in the morning, never have impacted turds anymore,,,just slide right on out,,,randyp
  11. heh heh,,no sir Mark,,,I am not in-semen-ating anything of any kind whatsoever,,,,randyp
  12. Happy birthday and you are to be commended my friend!! randyp
  13. Yes,,,congress is nuts, nuts, buncha old stupid ass need to retire nutty nuts,,I could go on and on and on,,,dern stupid dumb nuts!!!!!!! randyp
  14. It looked to me like the original mattress was still in there,,doors on both sides were for storage under it,,heh heh,,bet that mattress could tell some stories,,randyp
  15. I hear you Mark,,I bout soiled my "depends" when I saw it,,,gots to try and get this outta there!!!! randyp
  16. Just have to also add young Daniels latest hobby, a reward for all A report cards this year, he is having a blast! randyp
  17. It has same transmission and engine as my "killer", its single axle with a tag axle behind it, I haven't seen one of these in a long time. 2 stick 10 speed duplex,,,randyp
  18. I don't think a "lot lizard" would enjoy this lil upper bunk sleeper...randyp
  19. I went on one of my monthly go anywhere haven't been lately and saw this lil beauty peeking above the fence of a scrap yard and had to smoke the brakes and turn around and sneak a peek. Owner wasn't there but secretary will give him my cell number so I can see what his plans are...randyp
  20. Might be pricy to ship! randyp
  21. Yeah, nothing close enough that can handle one that size,,randyp
  22. This particular specimen im sitting on cant go to any mills around here,,gonna have to burnt or buried,,,almost 5 ft in diameter,,,we don't have carriages that big down here,,,damn redneck sawmills,,,randyp
  23. Look out Big Oak,,,Dr. randyp is bout to go "spider monkey" on your ass
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