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  1. Anything that sits that long is bound to be a bigger problem than you initially expect as some have elaborated on. I had a 318 detroit in one of my trucks and the damn thing loved to over fuel and start winding up for the kill if it idled too long. As they said EVERYTHING under the hood was covered in oil and from what I have looked up before you can't stop them from doing it.
  2. Well having the 401 race ready and waiting for tax refund to show up to buy rubber has had me thinking about the repower project. Would a 671 or 6v53 fit and mate to the quadbox? I am in the dark about differences in clutches and bellhousing patterns.
  3. I believe it was your father I talked to, he was camping behind your truck which was quite nice I must add
  4. Doesn't seem anything maintaince free is worth having. My sterfathers zero turn smokes deck pullies that dry out. So after the new pully and belt you are paying over $100 every time.A little grease can go a long way.
  5. Snapped a few and got some words of wisdom from an older fella on my project. Who's rig is in the second picture?
  6. I will be heading there in the morning. Would be nice to meet some members and pick a few brains but I wouldn't know any of you from a crowd. I hope to have my B42 in it next year
  7. Update everything is wired and appears to work properly. Now all that is left is get a new window cut, tires and weld up the gas tank
  8. I am not terribly certain if it is internally regulated. I will have to try your suggestion and watch voltage, would I have to run a separate wire to the voltmeter?
  9. So I got myself a delco 22si hp and was curious how to hook her up. Should the voltage regulator be changed from the old generator or do I even need it? The alternator has 4 terminals battery, ground, R and a blank one.
  10. I went there and looked at a b81 last year they have a huge selection of old trucks.
  11. Don't have a big enough socket to torque it yet but thank you for the heads up.
  12. Yes the linings look to be soaked I read up on some remedies. One being brake clean and a propane torch. But someone loaned me the appropriate tool and came out pretty easy. Got a good part number so next week it can go back together. Is there a torque spec for the large spindle nuts and axle shaft bolts?
  13. Got everything apart today with moderate language. How do I get the seal and bearing out of the rear of the hub ?
  14. Alrighty I guess there is no quick and dirty for this one. I will just make up some cribbing for her to sit on for a couple days.
  15. Looks like sitting for a while killed a wheel seal crd73 axle would anybody have a part number?
  16. I put that pump fx suggested on my 401 works excellent. Made a block off plate for the fuel pump hole wired it up and let her rip.
  17. Okay got her running on the electric fuel pump a real thing of beauty
  18. The 80 series trucks had military style fenders where the rest had the rounded fenders. Look long and hard at the frames and sheet metal, if it has a double or triple frame look for spread from pack rust and rot both can mean serious time in repair. The rear of the cabs love to rot out and make sure the fenders are solid. Vent windows are top dollar good glass can be a big plus. If you expect a decent road speed check the differential ratios. 6 to 7 ratios can get you around 50-55 with the low rpm Mack diesels. I am sure somebody else can chime in with more pointers. I wouldn't be afraid to buy the gasser it can always be repowered but keep in mind parts are getting harder to find for any of the old power plants
  19. I was planning on going to a single wire alternator to simplify things a little. Read up on here about people using a delco 25si I think it was
  20. I did the cheap and dirty just bought a resistor to wire before the ignition. Got the fuel pump in today so that will be part of the weekend projects. I plan to flip it to negative ground, just hook the battery up accordingly flip flop the coil wires?
  21. The pump is accessory belt drive not sure how much room you have to play with
  22. After digging for a while I came up with this kit https://brillman.com/product/b255ls-12-volt-negative-ground-delco-distributor-electronic-ignition-kit/
  23. I have a spare garrison draglink control valve and fluid reservoir if you want to go that route. I also have some sort of power steering pump that came as extra parts but I don't think it actually goes to the garrison system.
  24. alrighty, I see they have a selection of kits. somewhere along the lines of a 6cyl gm should do the trick?
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