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  1. Have you made any progress? I just bought a B61sx that we could get it to run on ether but not diesel. I had primed the injector pump but couldn't get fuel to the injectors. I took the side plate of the side of the injector pump and all six plungers were stuck up. After a bit of "love" got them free. Sure is convenient to remove the top fender plate for better access. While I was there, I primed the injectors from inside the pump. After that we pulled it and came to life immediately after sitting at least 15 years.
  2. I am closing a deal on a B73. I am trying to find out what it would weigh to haul it home. It has the 262 cummins but the quadraplex has been replaced with a nine speed. The rear end has also been changed. It has a hendricks walking beam with one drive axle. It has a long frame with a fifth wheel. The truth be told, i haven't laid eyes on it, but I trust the present owner. He says it starts and runs fine but has been stored in the barn for several years. He would not hesitate to take it up the road but I am 125 miles away. I think thats a bit far to drive since its been stored that long. What would this weigh? When I get pictures, I will update. My brother and I have several steam traction engines. I would love to go to the shows hauling an engine with this B model. Thanks
  3. I saw a B-87 the other day with a Supercharged Cummins. At first, I didn't believe what I was seeing but sure enough there it was. So I did a little internet searching and found that they did make such an engine. One article refered to this as an "Iron Lung Cummins". What is the opinion of this motor? Good runner, bad runner, or run like H*** away from this one. Thanks, Doug
  4. The trail of the three bulldogs (B68, B53, B87) that I started this thread on has gotten a little cold. Funny how a daughter's wedding and money can get in the way. Now, I have some questions that is going to prove how much of a rookie I am. Would someone explain the B-model numbering system. I understand that if it ends in even, its a gas engine. If its odd, its a diesel. And, obviously the B-8X look the different than B-6x. But, to me, a B81 looks like a B-87. And a B-53 looks like a B-68. Is there something in appearance that I'm missing? Are there differences in capacity, wheelbase, single, tandem, semi tractor or straight truck? Maybe I'm missing the forest for the trees. Thanks in advance, Doug
  5. I came across several B model Macks on a farm the other day. None have ran in probably ten years. Sorry, I have no pictures. #1) B68 single axle tractor. It has a gas engine and a duplex transmission. Body is in very good original condition. Appears to be complete and is parked in a barn. Now my questions: What's it worth? What are the pluses and minuses to the engine and transmission? Will a diesel and triplex or quadraplex fit? #2) B87 tandem truck no fifth wheel right now. It has a cummins with a quadraplex. Body is in good original condition. Appears complete and is parked in a barn. What is it worth? What are the pluses and minuses to this engine and tranny? (outside of some fancy shifting) #3) B53??? tandem dump truck. It has a diesel with a quadraplex. This truck is outside but the body appears surprisingly good. What's it worth? Any other things that I should check out? All these trucks were running when parked. I am assuming no major engine or transmission problems. I am already planning on complete brake work and upgrade. When finished, I plan on pulling a lowboy trailer with a 26,000 load to antique shows and parades less than 50 miles from home and only 6? times a year. I personally think the B68 gasser would be the most economical to restore and would probably suite my needs. I would have to admit a tandem diesel would be my ideal tractor. Another question is on license. I have a farm and could license a truck for farm but this is not actually for farm use. I have heard that I could license a truck as historic/antique. My primary goal for this truck is to go to shows and parades with steam engine as the load. This does appear to fit as a Indiana antique license. I would appreciate any input. I want to be safe and legal. Lord knows that I don't want to upset DOT. Thanks
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