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  1. slug

    Heated Bed

    Hi guys, Does anyone have a suggestion for turning my non-heated bed into a heated bed. I am in the Northeast and about to start hauling asphalt soon. Need to heat the bed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks. Dan
  2. Rebuilt or Reconstructed Titled Vehicle.
  3. Yes, the truck was in an accident where it rolled on its side with a full load. Sounds like there could be a lot of unseen issues related to the truck rolling. Thanks for your comments, defitely makes me think twice.
  4. Alright guys, everyone has been super helpful on this site. Looking at a ton of tri axle trucks and have to admit, feeling a bit overwhelmed. Anyway, I came across a 2001 RD 688s with E7 460 engine. The price is quite good compared to similar or exact same year, model and makes. The good: truck seems to be in very nice mechanical shape. The bad: r title, needs a new door, hood, mirror, 2 rims and tires and fuel tank. The body is two years old but I am going to replace with my own body. Price is great, what am I missing? Pictures of truck attached .
  5. Thanks Truck Stop. Yeah, that sounds like a fairly big job. I think I was kind of hoping for a simple, quicker fix but I guess that is what we all "hope"for. haha. Anyway, thanks again.
  6. Hi guys, looking at a 1985 Mack R model 686. The guy selling is practically giving it away so the question I have is more about how to fix vs. should I buy it. The frame is cracked at the same location on both sides of a double frame tri axle. Crack is about 12 inches long between the rear drive tires at bottom of frame. Any thoughts on what the fix would be? Better to replace the entire frame? Pictures of cracks below.
  7. To everyone that responded to my OP, thank you! Great feedback which helped me to ultimately pass on this particular truck. I took a closer look at the truck this morning and it is quite a project. Good truck for a antique guy that wants to fix it up and show. For me, I will keep looking and plan to spend a bit more money on a truck and focus on trucks that are currently working rather than sitting around collecting dust. Regarding some of the comments directed to my doing business with a friend and getting into the transport industry in general. I hear what everyone is saying and I agree with most. I have been involved in more than a dozen businesses over the past 25 years and I have seen just about everything. I don't deny that this could end badly but like I said in an earlier post, if I feel things are going sideways, I WILL get out quickly. I don't intend to throw good money at bad. Anyway, I attached the pictures below... If anyone wants to take on a project and is near Danbury CT, feel free to message me and I will gladly pass along the information, very nice seller. BTW.pictures are from approximately 9 months ago. Hayseed, thanks for elaborating on your earlier post. Take care. Dan
  8. Wow, that is a serious concern. That is a legit "run away" scenario. Thanks 41chevy and 6368!
  9. Hmm, are you saying that someone may have converted after market or that Marmon could have manufactured it this way? BTW. I live in Wyomissing, saw Berks.
  10. Again, I'm just going to copy and paste what you just said into an email to mechanic. lol. Thanks
  11. I will definitely take this advice. Very helpful. Thanks. Picture attached.
  12. I am literally going to copy and paste what you just wrote into an email to the mechanic I use for my other companies fleet of trucks. FYI- I don't know much about those trucks either. Just that when one of my employees says it doesn't feel right, send it to my mechanic. lol. Thanks
  13. Yes, that is a legit question. Have asked that question in 10 different forms and so far have gotten the same answer (acceptable) all ten times. That doesn't mean it is accurate but at least the seller is consistent. lol I wouldn't doubt the fuel efficiency is rather low. Thanks
  14. Thanks for confirming what I had read in previous threads. My general thoughts on the specific truck that I am looking at is that I am getting it at such a low price (relatively) I can step away from it fairly quickly if things start going sideways. The accessibility to parts was a serious concern of mine. Appreciate the comment.
  15. Thanks for your comment. Very good question but I did speak with my insurance agent that handles all of my companies policies and he said he can quote my business and it appears to be less than most other truckers premium. I don't intend to cover the truck itself with a ton of coverage. Thanks again.
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