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  1. Worst head lights ever. I'll swap you my aussie ones for your american ones. Yeah, I know, this thread is 3 years old. I cam across it trying to find a solution to improve the lights on my Vision. On low beam of a night I'm driving blind.
  2. wow, what a find. Good on you for rescuing the old dogs. Hmmm, now what do I need........
  3. ummmmmm nope, no comment from me
  4. hey Rob, happy birthday sorry I missed it it's 105 degrees here and the keyboard melted, otherwise I would've been in here first thing with bells on Mr Knobby standing in front of aircon >>> Me (mrs Knob) witnessing Mr Knobby standing in front of aircon >>>
  5. the t-shirt! and the girls expression
  6. Hi Joe Sorry I didn't say g'day earlier, been flat out on the grainharvest (in between the rainy bits) I'm based at Walgett (charming little town )
  7. G'day mate Nice to see more aussies here, I've been slack well busy with the grain harvest really and haven't popped in for ages. Great to see so many more new members.
  8. Hi Monty ('tis the better half here ) Yes, really enjoyed the weekend, I didn't expect so many tractors but they were great to see. My favourite was that old Lanz Bulldog belching flames in the tractor pull. And the ford V8 was an eye opener! Hubby got all inspired and went out yesty and dragged an old fergie TE20 home. I'm gonna have to find a better hiding spot for the cheque book. The trucks, cars and bikes put on a good display.It was good to see people put the effort in to bring their cars and bikes along. As for constructive critisism, well, a more active input from the trucks would be good, e.g, truck pull, b-model drag race, (ok only kidding on that one) driver skills test, reversing, parking, driving through witches hats etc, and I was a bit disappointed in the final parade as many of the trucks had already buggered off. Also day two was a rerun of day one. Still this was only the second or third year? so a great turnout I did hear a rumour that public liability insurance becomes a nightmare once the trucks become mobile though. So that takes a bit of fun out of things
  9. Just a few pics from the Vintage Tractor and Truck Show weekend in Dubbo, NSW, Oz. The weekend was mostly about tractors (don't know what you americans call them) but a few old trucks too.
  10. same over here, everything going to scrap metal
  11. *hey honey! I think we might need to put some more leaves in the spring pak before Rob gets here* waterbeds! pfffft, can't trust the ruddy things, Hubby turns over and the ensuing tsunami dumps me on the floor Hey Rob, I think we must go to the same gym! Fair is fair, I've posted a superb pic of me in my prime (i.e. taken yesty)
  12. wot'th wong with uth old folk?? excuse me, *retrieves teeth from bedside table* That's better, now then, what's wrong with old folks? hmmm??
  13. We need thermodyne badges. Is it possible to still get originals??? Hubby wants to know if sandblasting the repro badges before chroming would soften the edges
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