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  1. So I got in touch with a Guy in Reno NV who had recently junked out a b-42 He had cut the cab in quarters and was about to haul the sheet metal into the scrap yard. When I told him I would like to buy the cut up cab pieces he agreed boxed them up and shipped them to me. What I got was parts to a perfect B-model cab unrusted and untouched by time. So I called him back and asked why he decided to cut up a perfect B-model cab he told me that everything in NV is in this type of condition no rust just dents. I live in Maine we have so much rust why we patch and putty on stuff and try to get it to l
  2. yeah that's thats the best way to do it. behind the cab maybe I could build it into the headache rack. The a/c lines would have to be awful long but maybe I could put he evaporator under the pass. bench seat. Who knows somthing to think about anyways
  3. would you recomend a conversion on a 675 2 valve engine. And would it be to expensive? I would think you could find a intercooler and a tip turbin in the junk yard for not that much?
  4. Is there anyway to install a a/c condenser in a b61 without cutting the front grill? could I mount the condenser somewhere else
  5. so what is a tip turbin on a mack's engine intercooler and what does it do?
  6. My B61LT does not have a fuse box there either. I guess they didn't put one in or they used fuseable links?
  7. Why do some b model mack trucks have chrome radiator shells and some don't? was it a option at the factory or a aftermarket thing
  8. I think it is a dry sleeve motor. (the coolant never touches the sleeve)
  9. When I purchased my mack the engine didn't want to start so I did as the others recomended. I belive the rack is struck on your engine too. I got to forceful when I took the governor top off and stated prying back and forth on the rack fork I broke the little pin in two where it attaches to the rack . so I ended up taking the whole injector pump off removed the governor from the injection pump and loosened up the rack that way that's what I would do in your case it is not a hard job to take the governor off the pump and you won't break any parts you migth have to take the injection pump off th
  10. I just have my b-61 mack but my customers are already telling me where more are stuck out in the weeds and bushes. I hope I can add to my collection! Scrap is so high rigth now I hope poeple chose to give them a home with me instead of the scrap yard
  11. is the END673 in the 672 engine family or is it a differant engine all together. If I buy a manual to rebuild a 672 is that like buying a munal for a 673?
  12. I'm just a young buck 28 years old. But the biggest problem with this country is our young! There is alot of good kids out there but I think there's more bad spoiled brats then we can handle! So many of my friends have done nothing with their lives. Its so sad to see them just sit around the house and smoke pot and play video games. I don't think everyone is destined for greatness but I just wish my generation would work harder.
  13. I think a air starter is great! That was one of the selling points for me when I purchased my Mack. The only thing is that the air tank for the air starter is as big as a fuel tank. With that tank after it's aired up I get a 15 second blast. When the engine is warm however I need very little air to get it runing. I bet I can start that warm engine with a 3 second blast from the air starter!
  14. Is that the museum in Allentown Pa? Thankyou for the info it will be neat to try and find out the history of the truck
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