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  1. Sorry, I haven't checked in until now. PM sent to you.
  2. Hey JT, The last time I had it running was around 15 years ago. It ran/drove like a top too. I've had Chevy engines (still in the vehicle) sitting around as long as that, or longer, and just put a battery in them and dump some gas down the carb and they'd fire right up. I was kinda surprised that the Mack locked up from sitting.
  3. Mike, I thought I had more pics but haven't been able to locate them yet. I might have to shoot some more. B-46's are pretty rare, I think Mack only made around 470 of them and around 30 with the contour cab.
  4. Thanks U-Nut, No, don't have any U models, but they're sweet too!
  5. Thanks Greg, Yea, I think if you're 6' or over it gets a little tight.
  6. Hey JT, Welcome to the forum. I'm in Chesterfield, not too far from you, and your welcome to stop by and check out my B-46 if you'd like. I have it posted in the classifieds, but I'm not trying to push selling it. I've owned it for about 30 years. I've been a car guy pretty much all my life and I have a few pieces tucked away.
  7. Thanks Big Dog. It's cooler to drive! I hate to sell it (especially since I've had it for almost 30 years) but I really need to thin out the toybox.
  8. Sorry, I have to do some digging, it may take a day or two to see what I've got on file. I've got some documentation from the Mack museum, and I believe the original color should be red. It was green when I bought it in the early 80's and I painted it black then. Thanks for your interest.
  9. Extremely Rare model with contour cab. Probably not another to be had. Comes complete and original. 6 cyl gas, OHV. Has 5 speed trans with 2 speed rear. Has been sitting long enough that engine won't spin. Clear NJ title. Asking $3,000.00
  10. I received a reply from the museum and have to say that I was not expecting such a comprehensive amount of information about my B-46. I wish I did it years ago; thanks to this message board for making me aware of writing to the museum.
  11. Steve, Thanks for that. I already checked that out and I registered the truck. The problem is that my truck is a B-46 and Mack only made something like 470 of them from 58-64. There's only one B-46 listed on the registry so It's kind of hard to figure the year from that. I bought the truck back around 82 and I'm pretty sure the guy I got it from was the original owner. I can't seem to find the title at the moment but I'm pretty sure it was titled as a 62. I just want to be sure because if I have to get a duplicate title it helps to know the exact year. In any event, writing to the museum is the ticket and I'm looking forward to what they send.
  12. Thanks Superdog, I wrote to the museum about a month or so ago. Do you or anyone have any experiences with the length of time it takes for a response?
  13. Hello everyone, I'm sure this question has probably been asked before but here goes: Is there anyway to indentify a B Model's year by the serial number? I tried the search feature but couldn't come up with anything. Thanks in advance for any info.
  14. Here's another tool that's similar: http://www.northerntool.com/webapp/wcs/sto...30974_200130974
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