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  1. Where can I find the switch at on the truck under the hood on the firewall..
  2. 2000 rd688 if I press the brake pedal enough to start slowing the truck down the brake lights dont come on ..but I I press the pedal harder they work..the work fine when I first start the truck up for the day ..I can be at a stop light sitting on the brake truck still (automatic) no lights push a little more brake lights on..any idea where to start looking..I'm afraid I may get hit..
  3. 11gba4269p6 7y0774 Any help would be appreciated. Oil pump they said 45 days before I could have it..
  4. 1997 mack e7 427 I need cam and lifters kit found a company close but they asking 2700.00 but it has stiff that we don't need ..eup rollers are in great shape but comes in the kit..
  5. Well found out today that it's a E7 427 in the truck ..got in touch with the guy I got it from..1999 model..so what's the thoughts on this engine guys .looks like new cam and lifters 1 lifter is beat up and the lobe on the cam matches..push rods are good to go rollers on eup are good to go 1 cylinder has a few scratches that I'm not comfortable with also going to put new cam bearings in..
  6. I had 1 jump out of my e7 2 times come to find out the clip that holds the roller on the bottom was bent after 1400.00 to fix the first time I took it apart the 2nd and the roller fell off in my hand bent the sides in just a little no more problem in over a year..
  7. Did you get thos from the above or from the vin..just trying to make sure of the engine in the truck..hopefully it's not been changed
  8. 2001 mack rd6886 ..I was told e7 350 but not sure valve cover been charged..now I have to do a cam job so I wanna just make sure I get my right parts and know what I have ..that's the vin. Off the title ..thanks
  9. Ok guys I have some numbers off the passenger side of my engine I was told that they would help me in the engine info area..someone change the valve cover on my engine..so if there's Anybody that can offer any help I would appreciate it very much .. Looks like 7y0774 552m. 3740. 1272 Stamped under the eup in a flat spot ..mack told me that its either on the drivers side by starter or by eup and thos is by eup ..thanks again guys for all the help
  10. I think he knew looking over the paper work he hadn't long purchased the truck himself..he has 5 trucks now so this explains why he got rid of it I guess..
  11. Well looks like cam is bad ..would I be better off get a used motor or just fix what I have ..just purchased this truck ready to get it out to work but now this..2001 E7 460 quint axle dump thanks for all and any help guys
  12. Do you have to be a member to get parts from pai I was told 460 but I'm not sure just picked it up last week..where are mack serial number on the block
  13. I was told 460 but I'm not sure just picked it up last week..where are mack serial number on the block
  14. So just the 2 on the offending cylinder lifters and eup rollers .I was thinking of getting all new lifters but that would save some cash ..plan to carry it to the shop Monday hopefully not a long line ahead of me..will report back on everything we find and replace..thank you all for the help
  15. They said to replace all eup rollers fuel lines oil pan gasket and a few other things I cant remember right now..few washers are 54.00 bolts are 60.00 key is about 60.00
  16. Mack told me 960 cam 360 lifters going to replace bearing along with cam hopefully that will be all I need to replace..anything else you guys usually replace when doing the cam
  17. That's what I'm praying on ..mack gave me a list of 6300.00 parts no labor..
  18. Well picked up another rd last week drove it home 250 miles no problem at all ..engine has a slight tick so carried to the shop to get looked over rocker has play in it.. as my idea of a cost for a repair such as this..don't need a lot of down time with the truck middle of the season.. What parts are involved Cam lifters New cam bearing Thanks for any help
  19. Picked up this last weekend to join the other 2 rds that I have now.. Rd688 e7 427 eaton 8speed
  20. I need the 1 that opens when you select vent on the control panel outside the truck between the hood and the firewall ..
  21. I need the air box that let's fresh air in the truck ..mounts to the firewall let me know what you got..
  22. 2000 rd I put in 4oz not problem in a year ..
  23. Anybody have a source or part number for the rubber mounts front and side..most time I get off to late to go to dealer and would like to order online if possible..thanks
  24. Check trans light flash the other day then went out how do I check for codes ..4560 is on the side of the trans 2000 mack rd688s thanks
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