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  1. I’ll see your thousand and raise you two. No doubt now the dem vehicle to get Biden elected is Covid. They’re beginning to use it as a main ingredient in the campaign. It’ll also serve as a way to get stammering Joe off the debate stage. A debate will be an epic failure. If Joe was a Mack he’d be throwing a 6-4 blink code — Complete loss of communication between ECM and Mouth on the J1939 CAN line.
  2. Minnesota Milk Toast is now pleading a case to Trump......so the taxpayer will be left to pay for his incompetence. Another blue state joining the race to bankruptcy.
  3. Actually the Freightliner Columbia RSC has been proven as the most roll stable.
  4. When most of America had a spine.... ”Give me Liberty or give me death!!!” 2020.... HERE..take my liberty, I’M GONNA DIE!!! 🦠 😭 😷 😭 😷 🦠 🎵 germs, grems, the invisible dog 🎶
  5. Yes, I was incorrect, that’d make you a polytheist (history and science) and not a monotheist(Democrat). Your history is sketchy at best, cherry picked for sure. I did some reading about the black kids produced by slave masters “claiming estate rights”. Sparked my interest. The kids legally bore whatever the ethnicity of the mother. Mullato had very few rights, favoritism as a slave at best. The law was called partus sequitur ventrum, it didn’t give Mullatos equal rights and claims. Trying to dazzle with pseudo-intellect doesn’t work. It’s 2020, we can read Wikipedia from the toilet. The BMT membership isn’t going to magically, spontaneously, bow to your infinite wisdom. Who are you voting for in November? Blue pill?
  6. Not a driver, but I’d buy it in good condition. Farmers (some, not all) are notorious for having no established maintenance programs. One oil change at the start of the season and go. Decent, pre-tier III engine
  7. Maxidyne IS an elderly woman and now's about to call you sexist and racist!!! Maybe even disrespectful to your elders? She's up to her neck in blind indoctrination and is a lover of history and facts. Problem with her, and all liberals, is that history and facts are (Ironically) the Liberals enemy. Hence the goal of modern Liberals is to destroy history and rewrite it so it no longer condemns, and testifies, against them. History stings. That's why the statues of even the most honorable anti-slavery hero's are coming down. It's a war waging. I'm a recovered Democrat, I know how they think......for her sake she needs to snap out of it too before she dies in a state of ridiculous. Your giving the drunk another drink every time you argue. She wants to see a chink in the armor so she can feel right. She comes back for more drinks even after being kicked off this site multiple times. The reason she immerses herself in conservatives is because she needs to sober up...….. but can't quit what she's believed as "true" her whole life, much like a deep seated religion.
  8. Unfortunately, no one has them stacked on one video...…
  9. You're being trolled boys. White supremacy movement involvement is a joke. The TicToc trolling of Trumps campaign stop was a joke, getting all the seats to make it look like it wasn’t a full house. They’re shamelessly admitting Trump’s house would have filled up if they hadn’t intervened underhandedly. The white power chant was a joke and also a trolling. The existing white supreme’rs hate Trump. Trumps a Jew lover. His daughters a Jew convert. His son in-law is a Jew Trump put into power. Trump caterers to Israel. There’s no argument Republicans are in any way racist. Hillary’s racism cost her a lot of votes when she came out and fingered young black men as being “Super Predators”. If anything Trumps lack of racism, when compared to Hillary, is what won the race.
  10. I don't want to stir up division in the home...… I have to ask...…...did she reject Moxie? Kind of like pickles and vegemite, you sometimes cant give it away in a different country.
  11. Boring shortcuts to a stale statistical website is how they express wedding “congratulations!!!” on the planet Blah Blah. 👽 😴 💤 🤷🏿‍♂️
  12. God's chosen people. Toughest, most persecuted, controversial, existentially threatened ethnic group on the face of the Earth.
  13. You ever read an obituary that listed people the deceased hated?...….now you have, only on PBS hate-news network! Trump brain melt 2020 is on! RIP, He was fantastic in the Dick Van Dyke show.
  14. Situational facts.....Consider Biden recently claiming 120 million died from Covid. 🤷🏿‍♂️ Whatever fits the narrative and makes’em gasp when you need’em to gasp. “Hunter........fetch your ol’man a nice cold glass of bleach, Donald finally suggested something that makes sense”.
  15. Considering the tax revenue I see flowing out of my employers hand at the IRS’s dealing table......I don’t care what “He” (The theoretical) pays on his personal income. I’ve witnessed three extortions by our state against my employer. The last was a fish ladder fiasco . DNR needed money so they called and said “we need you to install a fish ladder at your hydro dam. If you don’t want to you can pay a one time penalty of $75,000”. They paid it. Companies get screwed over and over and over and have to tolerate it.
  16. HAHAHAHaaa..... I think I just felt the hernia mesh rip!!
  17. Awesome & Congrats Paul. History assumes the Patriarch Abraham was generally in need of a shave and haircut too so there’s no doubt Beverly saw some of great, great, great, great, great, great x 250, grandad in you. Good strategy. Sabra...... The term alludes to a tenacious, thorny desert plant, known in English as prickly pear, with a thick skin that conceals a sweet, softer interior. The cactus is compared to Israeli Jews, who are supposedly tough on the outside, but delicate and sweet on the inside.[3]
  18. Don’t be offended, but I think Georgia Dave has that Lady Blah-Blah Blocker turned on like Heavy G.
  19. I ❤️ my union. Here’s one for you Teamsterr!!! I get to side with my evil union sister. Only difference I now notice being union (compared to Mack Dealership) is that my employer no longer sends me home without pay on slow days after telling me if I apply for unemployment they’ll fire me. The work is the same. Nice not getting screwed over. I like my employer (more) and they like me. Maxi, if you want to do existing union workers a favor vote Trump 2020. If the jobs are gone so are we. Obama did the most capital damage of any president & cost our facility $25 million (one year time) in losses via Boiler MACT.
  20. The leftist liberal loons down in Madison pulled over the statue of Hans Christian Heg, beheaded it and threw it in Lake Mendota. He was a Wisconsinite who died fighting to end slavery. Poorly educated buffoons. Maxi has reduced to one sentence retorts. That means she wants to posture rope a dope 🤜 💥 to get her exhausted negative energy back. Pimp’ing ain’t easy and neither is being pummeled relentlessness with common sense truths you refuse accept. When she gets to the ballot she’ll have a life decision to make. Blue pill and stay lib jello the rest of her life......or red pill and put Trump back in for 4 more years, plus opening the door for common sense. Mud Ducks UNITE, Trump 2020!!! Making A-mud-duck Great Again.
  21. So what your saying is the Africans should be thanking YOU for letting them stay here because you also were here first? That’s wholesale racist. The Minnesota Leech Lake band members are the luckiest children of privilege whose feet blessed American soil. They recently reclaimed a block of the non-members resorts. The band said they were having housing shortages so they claimed lake front property and cabins as tribal eminent domain and took the resorts from the “fellow Americans” who built on tribe nation property. The tribe offered them 5% value payment so they wouldn’t burn or destroy them for spite. Yup, real victims those poor Indians, my hearts’a breaking. Now take a little ride around the North side of Leech Lake and you’ll see why they have a housing shortage. Go to Boy Bay area more specifically. They destroyed the housing projects till they were rendered unlivable. I took a ride through in Feb. one houses had the roof downspout running INTO the house for water. Yup, sledge hammer hole in wall and spout running into (I assume) the kitchen sink. Well casing in the yard. Car in the ditch(missed the driveway), trunk open (must have been beer in it) and snow plow nearly completely covered it with snow and filled the trunk. Snap out of it. Do what you can to interpret your surroundings with clear perception instead of racist sympathy. If you start engaging people without racist sympathy they may form a sense of dignity and eventually display some form of self-perpetuating/self-preserving ambition and, plus, you can say “I’m not racist”. Constantly drumming up racism to be a good card carrying Democrat, just to attain vote favoritism, is absolute moral corruption and an unethical manipulation of the mentally vulnerable. Prove yourself to not be a Mud Duck Schmuck this November. Vote to make America Great Again for the brotherhood of mankind. End racism by ending the Democrat’s party of the confederacy and KKK. VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!
  22. The native Americans up here have a racist system for proving their purity. They grade each other on purity of genetics like the Germans did with concern for the master race. Once the res decides your purity rating they give you a card, which looks a lot like a drivers license, that determines money benefits. Even if your off res you get a check from the casino revenues according to your purity level. My garbage man flipped it out and handed it to me to examine. Lemme say, he doesn’t look anything like an Indian, but he gets a small cut $$ even for being very impure....but....still part Indian. Bubba wants his “victim revenue” check too. I’d like to take him to the paint swatch booth at the local store and let him determine his own racist rating. Since he can’t get over his 10% African blood we could hold various browns up beside his face and develop a system. Then do Obama and Kappernick. Once we get the system we can give them a victim card that says their benefit for % allowable whining and crying “victim”. Samuel Jackson could be the base tone black purity. Next we get a white “black claimee” like Vanessa Williams who has Nazi-blue eyes and set the % low scale. It’ll allow the populations 10% of black racists to play purity games and figure out who the greatest, purest, whiniest, racist, biggest flap jaw, card carrying member, can be. Black jealousy will eventually set in and sneetches will want stars on their bellys.....to be the greatest sneeches on the beaches. O’ what a shame to be the sneeches who have no stars upon thars.
  23. Staxx, that check is part of the external oil supply upgrade. Right? It keeps external feeder lines from back-feeding the lower engine bearings in reverse flow. Usually you would have an open nipple/dowel. External upgrade requires a no-reverse-flow measure. Without that check valve installed the Jake would get the top external feed oil and let flow go backwards into the lower block and squirt out the sloppy bearings that were causing the issue in the first place. The check allowed the lower engine to feed Jakes from the bottom while externals fed Jakes from the top simultaneously, but never let oil return backwards to the lower block. If the Jakes were going to town and eating more oil than the external line could provide the check would allow the block port to subsidize flow creating two feed circuits instead of one. He doesn’t have the external kit yet. The check upgrade wouldn’t hurt him, but it wouldn’t help him in the fashion it was originally intended unless he got the whole upgrade.
  24. It’s a media circus. Everything is racist from now till November. This is “Racist America” and we need Obama’s knucklehead VP to come in and save us. That’s the hope of the anarchist left anyhow. Bubba isn’t even black! Get a pic of him with a sunburn.... He turns BRIGHT red. Poor half-honky is going to have to rub himself down with shoe polish to be taken seriously.
  25. I found a great theme song for Coronafarcus 2020. It's fantastic and my kids love it. GERMS, My invisible Dog!!!. The kids are afraid of dogs and the Covid sheeple are living in constant fear of germs. Germs are the new INVISIBLE DOG. Running from those crazy, rabid, invisible, barking, germs! Note- Sheeple = twenty something guy driving through countryside, alone, in a mask and latex gloves with fear dripping from his pinched, grimacing, brow.
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