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  1. From the album: 1961H67

    Hauling Sod Equipment, Mid North Carolina
  2. From the album: 1961H67

    Jenkins 74 Towing / Dean Jenkins Trucking, Fairview NC
  3. From the album: 1961H67

    Just got this truck to move heavy eq , 1988 , 3406B , 15OD , Jenkins Towing & Hauling
  4. From the album: 1961H67

    Hauling Tractors , Fletcher , NC ,,OCTOBER 21
  5. I really like seeing the old photos of the trucks your family has had , we are lucky that we have them , you have some great looking Macks , thanks 

    1. Superdog


      Thank you,glad other people enjoy them too. Really like your H67.I don't have any fixed up but I did help a friend of mine find and restore one.


    2. 1961H67


      That is a good looking H model , I notice it has those doors under the sleeper . I don't see a lot of them , I got mine off a H that was setting behind a warehouse in South Carolina , the owner told me to take anything I wanted , They were in good shape , I just got lucky , I don't know if it was a factory order item , we had our H for years before I found those . Thanks for the Photo 

    3. BillyT


      Is that a Crosley behind the "cherrypicker"? Two classics! Also the snub nose "Jimmy"! Cool! 

  6. I love that V8 Superliner , We just bought a 1981 Superliner , No V8 !still would like to have on someday !
  7. From the album: 1961H67

    Jenkins 74 Towing , Latest Mack
  8. From the album: 1961H67

    Our 81 Superliner we just got to pull 30 ton lowboy , Dawson gave it a good review !
  9. From the album: 1961H67

    Dawson & Grandpaw , In front of H67
  10. From the album: 1961H67

    I Took the front off to hang up , That's all that's left
  11. From the album: 1961H67

    This is Getting ready for Asheville NC Labor Day parade 1963
  12. From the album: 1961H67

    This is Getting ready for Asheville NC Labor Day parade 1974
  13. From the album: 1961H67

    Dad had just came home from work , Notice his right arm was broken , ( He still went to work every day , and drove a B Model all day )
  14. From the album: 1961H67

    Dad & 6162 , He drove this Truck for about 5 or 6 years , He heated the sticks close together , he would shift most times with one hand , ( I thought all trucks had 2 sticks until I was 18 years old , LOL ) This was taken in 1968
  15. From the album: 1961H67

    I think Dad said this was a A-50 Gas , He would tell the story about hauling the first supply's up to the top of Ghost Town Theme park in Maggie Valley NC , in the 60,s With this Truck Following a Bulldozer having to widen the road ( before the chairlift was installed ) I was about 4 or 5 years old , One of the first truck numbers I can remember "500" !
  16. 1961H67


    We are using a 81 ,. 359 Pete to pull or lowboys , would like to find a Superliner with a 3406 cat , if anyone knows of one please let me know , Thanks . Dean @ Jenkins 74 Towing
  17. From the album: 1961H67

    Building my 1st wrecker , B model , Installing a old W35 Holmes. 1978
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