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  1. I always rode with my Dad. He told me when I was young, I would ride on the doghouse of the K-100 with my hand on the auxiliary while he shifted all night long.
  2. Very sharp... good luck.
  3. I posted the phone# also. Maybe try that. Good luck. Want to see it rescued.
  4. I was thinking that same thing. I hope someone saves it. Hate to see it go for scrap.
  5. Wish I had my Studebaker pickup done,I would definitely look into that H model. Someday. ... lol
  6. Listed as 1986 classic Mack. $3000. Contact # 229-947-2516.
  7. As of 2 yrs ago, he wasn't selling. Damn shame.
  8. Thanks. That's the Dawg I'm asking about. Anyone know if he still owns it??? Hopefully it is still somewhere. Hate to think it got junked or something.
  9. Talked to a friend of mine today,and we were talking about old trucks ,and I told him that I joined BMT. He was telling me about a B model he used to see in new England yrs ago,as he was describing it,I remember that it was in an old wheels of time. It was Chase's B model. Don't know if y'all have talked about it before, but he was wondering what ever happened to it??? I have the old W.O.T when he rebuilt it. Love that truck. How about anyone know what happened to it??
  10. Lots of nice old iron out there still. That F is real nice . That pic is about 3 yrs old. Went by his place on Monday on my way to AR it's still sitting in same spot. Love to see some one buy those Dawgs, just rusting away. Sad.
  11. R-700 is in AL. Checked it out a little. Cab is rusty by the rain gutter. Has a 13 spd interior isn't too beat. Don't know if it's for sale. But I know some folks in that area I probably could find out
  12. Found this F in TN. 1966 Cummins motor, guy won't sell it.
  13. Yeah, the guy got some other rigs in back. Gotta have an Ole dawg around for protection.
  14. I'll ask my friend about ya. His last name is Leduc. He's born and raised in Watertown.
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