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  1. logtruckman

    International CV Series

    Gm authority blog is reporting a new 6.6l v8 gasoline engine for the 2020 silverado hd and sierra hd and also navistar is testing it for use in the cv series as well as chevy 4500-5500 . Around 400hp 450tq.
  2. logtruckman

    Titans in Canada

    Technically no, you can still get the pinnacle axle forward but the new 70inch bunk doesnt allow for the stacks to be mounted behind the cab not sure about the 48 flat top . I still think all these new trucks with the scr are money pits, our titans are vsown with emission crap problems quite often now that they are all 5-7 years ild, our new kenworth is a year old and just lost a def pump and the dealer wasn't too good at diagnosing the problem took 3 trips to the dealer to figure it out
  3. logtruckman

    Mack brand launches new heavy tractor

    I guess we'll see , could be nothing , they are just trying to sell customers on anthems and granites ,but the stay tuned thing along with A RD 800 has me wondering .
  4. logtruckman

    Mack brand launches new heavy tractor

    All jokes aside inthink there maybe a new mack heavy haul truck in the pipelne, mack had a meeting in canada a few days ago and posted a picture of a RD 800 log truck on twitter with the #staytuned mack is tough enough for canada.
  5. logtruckman

    Kenworth to replace W900 with new W990 in 2020

    I read one of the articles about the 990 and a big wig at kenworth said the w900 is staying in production.
  6. logtruckman

    Kenworth to replace W900 with new W990 in 2020

    They say the W900 isnt going anywhere I dont understand the need of this model if they are not going to stop making the W900 ,why make this ? When freightlinet made both the classic FLD 120/132 and the first gen coronado novody bought the coronado ,they had to stop making the ckassic to get people into coronados .
  7. I dont blame u good deal
  8. Just a question ? Why didnt you just get a pair of the 2019 pinnacle headlights that are Led factory equipment ? Or wont they fit a older ch ? They look the same
  9. logtruckman

    Heavy Spec Anthem

    Western star has as many issues as any other , ive talked to more than one owner operator thats un happy with their newer stars, radiator issues ,lraking cabs ,bad wiring . They call them glorified freightliners just as jack is a glorifiex volvo , they all suck nowdays ! Imho.
  10. logtruckman

    Heavy Spec Anthem

    Heaviest frame rail available in the pinnacle /anthem is a 9.5 milimeter equivalent to a 3/8 ,plenty big enough for 99 percent of applications. I think you can get a inner liner as well like 6 mm equivalent to 1/4 inch . Granites offer a 11mm equivalent to a 7/16 frame with liners and triple frame option. Our titans have the 11mm with a liner .titan and granite frames were the same i think.
  11. logtruckman

    Kenworth to replace W900 with new W990 in 2020

    Yeah they still make the T800 even though the T880 has been out for a couple years , there's no real reason to make both other than choice I guess , the medium duty a are still using the old cab as well so I guess time will tell.
  12. logtruckman

    Kenworth to replace W900 with new W990 in 2020

    Yeah looks like cheap grill material not real stainless maybe I'm wrong. Are you sure the real w9 is going away or is this a rumor?
  13. logtruckman

    Kenworth to replace W900 with new W990 in 2020

    That suprised me
  14. logtruckman

    Trip up to New Hampshire

    Yes up to a 16k front 46k rears , heavy single frame not sure about a double frame ?
  15. logtruckman

    Trip up to New Hampshire

    I've seen 6 ,saw one they look better on the road than in pics , also I did see quite a few continental paving granites. But yeah seems like every construction company is buying t880 now . One smaller outfit around me that had ran RD'S for the last 20 years bought 880s to replace some of the old macks but I did see a new granite the other day in their fleet .

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