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  1. Must be a paccar thing because our w900 has a dummy stack on the left side
  2. logtruckman

    Limited edition Diamond T glider kit offering unveiled

    Ive been talking with them on and off the past year , id like a nice simple glider from them , we'll see what happens
  3. logtruckman

    Dodge Market News

    We all need 1000 pound feet of tq to get groceries , these diesel pickups are retarded ,theres no way that kind of power is needed or even able to be put to the ground ,and you know ford will put theirs up to 1050-1100 pounds just say they have more ,pretty soons the rams will have a x15 in theirs .
  4. logtruckman

    UPS and Mack

    Yeah i didnt say it was great i said its been ok . The driver seat also already broke had to weld it . Really the mack titans we have were better than this when they were brand new , but we have had issues with plastic coolant lines on the titans and broken motor mount that ruined the flywheel housing cost 10k to fix that .so we'll see how this kw is when it gets 4-5 years old ,time will tell.
  5. logtruckman

    UPS and Mack

    Our new kenworth has been ok its a nice truck its got a x15 about 65k miles on it its had a def pump go and check engine light is on but not i. Derate ,he brought it in to dealer they say doser valve problem most likely and it lost a carrier bearing. Ill keep you updated .
  6. Cant be a 2007 us market titans didnt come out til 09, nice truck though we have 3.
  7. logtruckman

    My new ride .

    Alot of drivers will beat the shit out of a mack and then say its junk so the boss will buy them something "cooler" . With a bigger hood
  8. They had mostly mack but for the past 15 yrs or so theyve had all kinds of makes freightliner ,pete, volvo,maybe even some western stars plus macks. I still see some of their old CL's and Rds and other macks but must be their phasing out everything but new Kenworths.
  9. logtruckman

    International CV Series

    Gm authority blog is reporting a new 6.6l v8 gasoline engine for the 2020 silverado hd and sierra hd and also navistar is testing it for use in the cv series as well as chevy 4500-5500 . Around 400hp 450tq.
  10. logtruckman

    Titans in Canada

    Technically no, you can still get the pinnacle axle forward but the new 70inch bunk doesnt allow for the stacks to be mounted behind the cab not sure about the 48 flat top . I still think all these new trucks with the scr are money pits, our titans are vsown with emission crap problems quite often now that they are all 5-7 years ild, our new kenworth is a year old and just lost a def pump and the dealer wasn't too good at diagnosing the problem took 3 trips to the dealer to figure it out
  11. logtruckman

    Mack brand launches new heavy tractor

    I guess we'll see , could be nothing , they are just trying to sell customers on anthems and granites ,but the stay tuned thing along with A RD 800 has me wondering .
  12. logtruckman

    Mack brand launches new heavy tractor

    All jokes aside inthink there maybe a new mack heavy haul truck in the pipelne, mack had a meeting in canada a few days ago and posted a picture of a RD 800 log truck on twitter with the #staytuned mack is tough enough for canada.
  13. logtruckman

    Kenworth to replace W900 with new W990 in 2020

    I read one of the articles about the 990 and a big wig at kenworth said the w900 is staying in production.
  14. logtruckman

    Kenworth to replace W900 with new W990 in 2020

    They say the W900 isnt going anywhere I dont understand the need of this model if they are not going to stop making the W900 ,why make this ? When freightlinet made both the classic FLD 120/132 and the first gen coronado novody bought the coronado ,they had to stop making the ckassic to get people into coronados .

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