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  1. Same in our business my 2015 has 175000 miles and 8300 hours I'm average 21 MPh 1600 hours of pto time
  2. Deutz made a good skidder motor a lot of loggers loved them in tree farmer and timber jack skidders back in the late 70s and 80s a lot quieter than the Detroit's and would last longer but more money when they broke down.
  3. You can still get camelback its just its not as popular as it used to be I see new granites with camelback .
  4. Yeah and there's another spot in the video that shows the front view of what looks like a flat nosed truck also an aero one so maybe 2 different styles ??
  5. If you pause the video on the white truck towards the beginning of the video it looks to be a set forward axle reminiscent of a r model or RW even it has no fairings, square fenders maybe I'm wrong but looks promising . Also another spot in the video shows drawings of a vision next to a rep model so I'm thinking they used the r model for inspiration.
  6. I like the squared up fenders ,looks tough . Looks like a mack
  7. I had always heard the 04 thru 07 granites with the AI motors were under performers power wise but reliable. I never drove one so I was going on here say. My friend is looking at buying a 06 that was a 370 but turned up to 427 now.
  8. IF it was me I'd buy a mid to late 90s RD or CL with a e7 350 non computer .if you prefer or 427 -454-460 electronic. If you get into the granites I'd try to find a 02 or 03 without the AI engine. If you go newer I've heard good things about the early mp7 model year 06 and 07 engines with out the dpf, def, hope this helps.the 04 thru 07 granites with the AI engine are ok bUT are known to be underpowered unless you modify them.
  9. Looks nice
  10. Mack needs some low volume type models that fill the holes in the product line. They don't seem interested in doing that . Therefore kw and western star happily fill them .
  11. Interesting
  12. What's the longer hood /Cowl for ? New model ?
  13. Saw a post on f@$&book from a mack dealer Inetwork Ohio that just delivered 5 brand new Titan lowboy tractors to a construction company... but yet there's no demand for those trucks. Smh
  14. Mack needs to build a SUPERLINER designed for the American market retro yet modern available with plenty of options
  15. Here in new England you can walk into a freightliner / Western star dealer and see several DD 16 powered tractors and straight trucks on the lot with 600 hp really popular here. NOW THE DD 13 is available 505hp and 1850 torque in the small freightliner and western star 4700 . So macks heavy hauler mp8 505 is comparable to the smaller western stars . They have nothing to compare to a western star 4900 , or Coronado SD 122or a W900 . It's sad IMO.