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  1. Anthem production

    Yeah I've seen a lot of old pictures of mack loggers out west . nice trucks you have ,
  2. Peterbilt Sales Soar, Truck Maker Eyes Growth

    I've heard people complain about the paccar engine ,I've heard people complain about all the new stuff every brand. My brothers new w900 cummins x15: fuel filters need to be changed every 300 hours then it won't start and throws a code over heated starter . After A half hour or so finally the electric primer starts working and truck starts.
  3. Anthem production

    Do they sell many mack log trucks out west anymore ?
  4. Of course government regulations are driving this trend . Government mandated emissions regs and now engine size. Takes your choices away.
  5. Mack Trucks | Australian Made

    A good opportunity was missed when an American investor didn't buy the shares that geeley bought obvious that an American could have bought into volvo and rescued mack but it didn't happen . Why not ? Or was it a inside deal ? As far as I'm concerned lunstedt has done as terrible job as ceo .sad really.
  6. 2018 mp7 turbo problems

    Parked regen ? I wouldnt think your truck would do a parked regen unless something was wrong and it was at a dealer. My 2015 has never done a parked regens while working and it has 200k miles
  7. Maxitorque ES wide range of models and speeds

    Last spring we spec out a granite with a 18 speed mack and a granite with a 13 speed M drive . The M drive was 7k more than the maxitorque I was surprised. Our mack salesman pushed the mack 18 speed ahead of the M drive but he was a old school mack guy. The last 3 macks we bought (titans) had Eaton 18 speeds with the 2050 rating and we didn't care for them as o e of the eatons blew up at 200k miles .so if we got another mack it would have been a maxitorque or m drive but we ended up with a kenworth as it was cheaper with a cummins x15 than a granite with a 13 liter. We had 18 speed macks in our older macks they were good and rated for 2060 torque even though the engines only had 1560 -1760.
  8. MP10 Lost Boost Completely

    We had our s turned up to 605 ,warranty is over so it only cost 300 bucks a piece .
  9. MP10 Lost Boost Completely

    38 -40
  10. MP10 Lost Boost Completely

    Probably egr problems.
  11. MP10 Lost Boost Completely

    Mine had a actuator go but I couldn't even drive the truck our of the yard. Certainly it wouldn't do 55. My egr valve stuck open and boost was all over the map.
  12. MP10 Lost Boost Completely

    Turbo actuator or egr . Is it building exhaust temp if you rev it up
  13. Volvo names new Mack Trucks president

    Mack hiring 400 more employees,gonna be most ever employees in the factory .things can't be to bad.
  14. Volvo names new Mack Trucks president

    I've always thought mack lost its way in the 90s when they kind of turned into a cookie cutter type truck. Never building a traditional looking truck based on the ch cab design. It's like they said buy sloped hood trucks or go elsewhere,we don't want your business , mack became a wimpy looking truck .
  15. How long before they run out of good engine cores ? How many rebuilds before the block is no more good ?