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  1. sounds pretty. lol. I do hope that mack makes this new model on a full length 120+ BBC like other truck makers so it could possibly accommodate a engine bigger than 13 liters.
  2. Big Volvo has done such wonderful things with Mack that they managed to completely eliminate Mack from the log truck market in New England since taking over. Mack used to be one of the most popular brands in logging up here. Not any more.
  3. nice superliner. and nice chu rawhide! I wouldn't be afraid to buy the chu.
  4. in reality the R model cab should still be in production ,alongside the ch cab . they'd still be selling a ton of RD's if they built them.
  5. they are coming out with a new highway truck this fall . raised cab roof so you can stand up in the cab . I hear all new interior as well .
  6. I like the mack cab. my only beef is they don't make superliner,CL or titan type trucks.
  7. we could only hope that Volvo pulls out and sells mack to someone with a brain
  8. I guess tomorrow the boss is placing an order for a new kenworth W900B cummins x15 605 hp. first ever new non mack . We've had Western stars but they were used trucks. sick thing Is this kw is cheaper than a granite with a 505 and it comes with a tag axle from the factory , ...
  9. I thought the Canadians clamped down on glider kits . I guess not.
  10. then are nice looking rigs. we went looking at new paccar products last month and the 567 was my favorite out any pete or kw. nice roomy cab and nice looking mix of old and new .
  11. I don't see why you couldn't do that. we once pulled air ride out of a CL and put Hendrickson walking beam in it
  12. saw this on Facebook. one of 12 they say. Canadian armed forces. 70 k sisu planetary axles.
  13. my cousin had one. not a ounce of bondo in it. 465 wildcat. baby blue. Cragar mags. it got totaled. that's how we know it didn't have any bondo.
  14. about time !