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  1. Mack lost its heavy haul, premium market share when the e9 v8 was allowed to die. That was their halo product that was well respected in the premium truck market . In reality the fact is mack is dead it would take series cash and marketing to bring mack back out of grave and Volvo won't allow that to happen, to Volvo's own detriment they won't do it. If Mack was spun off as a real entity with competent people in control mack could succeed but we all know that won't happen as long as volvo owns it it's just a shell .
  2. In the north east where I'm from big hood big power trucks are still very popular. Western star is real popular. The big dealers up here sell wstar and Mack side by side . They have several stars in Stock on lot 600 hp dd16 long square hoods meanwhile on the mack side 505 hp max. I bet the dealers up here would love it if Mack converted the Pinnacle set forward to a retro superliner ,long hood . It wouldn't take much investment to do it. The pinnacles are pretty popular but would gain if they added the extra 6 inches to the hood and made the grill look like a superliner .that way 90percent of them would be sold with the mp8 but if someone wanted a x15 they could get it.
  3. I agree but disagree with one point. You take the Pinnacle axle forward, extend the hood 6 -8 inches slap a superliner look alike hood and grill , ,90 percent of the people buying the current short hood Pinnacle af would buy the long hood if they made it , alot fleets that run petes and kw long hoods also have some pinnacle axle forwards around my area .
  4. I agree , volvo/mack doesn't see a need for a 15 liter mack . They are hoping if a mack customer wants a 550-600 hp they buy the volvo vnx as most mack dealers are volvo dealers. They aren't going to put the money into development of a new truck that is designed for a vendor engine and only sell 150 -200 trucks a year , now if they made a retro design superliner ,made it cheaper than a pete or kw and offered different engine options including cummins x15 , it would be a home run .
  5. Looks like a bus ,looks like it would fall apart after a year or so in the rubbish world.
  6. Well the cummins only has 25k Miles so far only issue is fuel filters need to be changed 300 hours or so and it doesn't like to start after you change them ,the starter will heat up and the engine light comes on . It has a electronic fuel primer that doesn't work as well as the owners manual says it should. The Cummins seems to have slightly more power but it needs to be in the higher rpms. The engine brake holds back a little better better than the mp10 again if it's above 1600 RPM but below that the mp10 is way better because the cummins engine brake dies to nothing and the mack one keeps working you use the air brakes less with the mack . The mp10 is quieter and less rough more refined and they pull hard from 1100 and up the cummins is more a higher RPM engine. My brother says he prefers the mp10 . His opinion
  7. I also find it odd volvo is pushing and marketing this new heavy model more than they did for the last gen vnx and way more than they ever did for mack titan that had their own engine . It's all over social media like flies on stink
  8. Yeah our mp 10 s have a better engine brake than our x15 they continue to slow you down right down to 1000 RPM the cummins quits out at 1500 .
  9. I'm seeing alot of guys that have d16 Volvo's commenting on Volvo's facebook Posts of the new vnx that they will not buy a new vnx unless they offer the d16 they don't want a cummins , the d16,mp 10 is a nicer motor than the cummins , more refined.
  10. I personally think they could fit a x 15 in granite or Pinnacle. A friend of mine had a snub nose Western star with a 3406 cat hood no longer than a Rd mack
  11. logtruckman

    Volvo Trucks Debuts New Heavy-Haul Model

    Well volvo did have the VNX heavy haul truck before and discontinued it when they ended production of d16 and Mack titan mp 10 last year.your right mack should have just kept making titans with cummins and mp8 ,
  12. logtruckman

    Volvo Trucks Debuts New Heavy-Haul Model

    I wonder if there is a mack version of this in the works ? I heard rumors last year of a extended cowl chu that coud house a 15 liter.
  13. logtruckman

    Volvo Trucks Debuts New Heavy-Haul Model

    I still see this as a fail ,probably Canada they will sell ok but not United States. I doubt many owner operators or heavy haul fleets and loggers in upstate ny are going to buy this instead of a western star or paccar trucks.
  14. logtruckman

    Volvo Trucks Debuts New Heavy-Haul Model

    That was the issue with the CL 733 cummins hard to get them worked on . I would think mack could work a deal with cummins to have the x 15 wired up compatible with Mack software call it a mack engine . Then again the granite mhd has the L9 cummins also a low volume truck
  15. logtruckman

    Volvo Trucks Debuts New Heavy-Haul Model

    No demand for that . Volvo words not mine 🤔

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