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  1. The All New Mack

    To me these are actually probably in reality the best case scenario. They still use the mack design cab improved it for the fleets atleast it's not a volvo cab . The truck can be optioned with different grills and without hood mirrors all in all it could be much worse. It could be better but the L ,B,And R series are never coming back I'd drive one of these over a freightliner any day. I am still hoping mack brings a big bore engine back to market for my line of work .
  2. New Mack for the fall

    That new grill is almost Brockway looking .
  3. The All New Mack

    I'm not crazy about it . its like anything you get used to it . I remember when the cascadia first came out I said to myself no one is gonna buy that ugly thing !! 6 months later seemed like every other truck was a cascadia !! Certainly mack won't sell as many of these freightliner does but but if your a company that buys the pinnacle cxu you'll probably buy this . I still wonder what the set forward axle truck that they were showing bits of in the mack teaser videos for this truck is . the first video they released showed a complete axle forward sleeper truck with different headlights than the chu has now hood looked like a rd hood . that got my hopes up but then they dropped this thing .. And no axle forward new model . at least they still make the rawhide chu .
  4. The All New Mack

    This is a daycab anthem. The anthem has a mack CH cab different hood new interior and sleepers not a Volvo cab. One piece windshields have been available for years in the granites, CH, and visions,pinnacles ,titans . our new w900 has a one piece windshield.
  5. The All New Mack

    This one looks descent
  6. New Mack for the fall

    This us the best picture I've seen looks nice kinda like the western star 5700
  7. Mack MP10 tops the grunt factor in Australian truck test

    I wonder what ks would say about scania being #2;to a mack branded volvo engine
  8. Mack MP10 tops the grunt factor in Australian truck test

    They are a big engine .
  9. New Mack for the fall

    7pm eastern standard time
  10. Sept 13-Big Announcement-KSC- any predictions

    7 pm they reveal it
  11. Gaming the Swedish Timber Industry

    I like being out in the elements but this is cool
  12. New Mack for the fall

    Posted On MACKS Fb Page today
  13. The "other" Granite

    In defense mack now offers a 16k front option on pinnacles so you can get a 60 70 inch bunk with a 16 front now. Step in the right direction but still no 15 or 16 liter option
  14. Va-va-voom!

    Im sure it could be done but wiring would be a nightmare plus cost of the engine probably $40-50k . I'm sure a fuller or mack 13 or 18 speed would bolt up to it . Probably cost you 180to 200k to build one . The best thing would be for someone that had a good mack superliner,CL or MH that needed a new motor and buy a Scania v8 so the cost would be reasonable to do such a project .
  15. Va-va-voom!

    I saw a ram 1500 pickup today on the new York thru way and mass pike border that had a huge scania sticker across the side . Any ideas of what it is Mr ks ?