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  1. No I'm in Vermont lol . I have relatives in Florida
  2. My father talked to a rep for mack Thursday. The rep called him to tell him that mack is giving us new grill and growler intakes for our titans that had the peeling issue . My father gave him a piece of his mind about mack . The rep agreed with what with what he told him about how they need to offer more power than 505 and bigger than 13 liters . I guess there is a mack conference in Florida soon and our service dealer is going to have us write our grievances and there going to present them to the powers that be. On another note we talked to a peterbilt salesman last week and he says that paccar is pushing them to sell there 13 liter engine over the cummins 15 liter but his customers want the cummins .
  3. I think you could get a e7 350 mechanical until 98 same with the e9 model year 99 for them
  4. They are the best!!
  5. Last year when the new volvo CEO took over they were saying all brands would have more autonomy and be responsible to turn a profit . Maybe we'll see changes soon ?? I'm not holding my breath though . I wonder if any mack designers ,engineers visit this site to get advice ?
  6. Mack fans have been calling for the superliner to return since the mid 90s, all they had to was stretch the CH set forward 6 or 8 inches in the hood slap a superliner like grill on it . Not hard or expensive to do . Not gonna happen though .
  7. If they ship D16's from Sweden to Australia why wouldn't they just ship D16's to United States from Sweden if they didn't want to build them here. Still makes no sense to me.
  8. I'm sure the mack corporate guy listened to your suggestions/complaints lol
  9. I'm sure there's somethingalot better in the pipeline .😅
  10. Let them stay over there look at Paris another attack last night .
  11. I feel the same way we have 3 Titans were probably gonna get the fourth but not now .
  12. In my area it seems like alot of the bigger fleets keep changing makes they'll buy a bunch of petes then trade most of in for freightlinersome,then buy some macks then buy some Kenworths no real loyalty as I think all new trucks have quality issues.
  13. I was always open minded about Volvo/Mack takeover, whatever you want to call it. I'm not so much anymore. We've been running the big Macks Superliner, CL and Titans since 89, and now they don't offer a model like that. I know they stopped the CL after 07, but we knew the Titan was coming in 09 so it wasn't a big deal for us. But I don't see a replacement in the pipe. Our mack salesman feels the same way. He said Peterbilt and KW are killing him. He can hardly sell a truck in his area, construction and regional hauling where Mack is supposed to thrive. They're getting slaughtered, never mind logging trucks .
  14. That's why macks market share is under 10 percent