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  1. I don't see why you couldn't do that. we once pulled air ride out of a CL and put Hendrickson walking beam in it
  2. saw this on Facebook. one of 12 they say. Canadian armed forces. 70 k sisu planetary axles.
  3. my cousin had one. not a ounce of bondo in it. 465 wildcat. baby blue. Cragar mags. it got totaled. that's how we know it didn't have any bondo.
  4. about time !
  5. nice to see they spent millions developing this little piece of crap and shelved the d16:/mp 10 .....
  6. Does Pete offer steel crossmembers? We had a salesman spec out a 567 heavy duty chassis and the sheet says it has aluminum crossmembers with the heavy duty double frames. seems odd.
  7. 😅 well yeah . I've been told the same thing by liberal cousins of mine . they see the nice trucks and nice things and get green with envy . go out and earn it . see how easy it is.
  8. it's easy for someone that doesn't own a small trucking business to sit behind a screen andtelll someone they're not paying enough in taxes and fees .
  9. we've been loyal to Mack for 30 years. payed the 15k dollar premium for the titan over a western star or pete or kw. I can't see paying that premium for a Granite,less power,less engine brake, etc..
  10. I'll tell you the truth,we priced out a GU713 505 13-speed mdrive HD long wheelbase chassis. They want more money than a KW W900 with a 600 Cummins. The Granite cost more money than the last Titan we bought in 2015. Needless to say, you'd have to be a fool to buy the Granite .
  11. I don't think they ever made a CL633 . in 03 they decided to only offer CL's with cummins isx engines I think they only offered it in 733 with either a heavy 3/8 single frame or double frames. of coarse they never made it with a set forward axle. you couldn't get sleepers even on the CL the last 4 or 5 years of production. they stopped making it in 07 then the titan came out in 09. I'm guessing they figured they didn't need the CL and the Titan.
  12. if I had a say at mack I would take the current chu model, add 8 inches to the nose put a modern superliner style grill like the aussie one has. keep the squared up fenders like the chu has . make it available in 613 and 713 series and mp8 and cummins x 15 options and all sleeper shapes and sizes and heavy duty frames and axles available.
  13. I think the ch and granite are to short in the front . they'd need to add 6 inches or so to the hood length . Mack told me the mp8 has enough power for 95 percent of jobs. I doubt they'll make a new truck that a cummins 15L will fit into.if they were going to do that they'd of kept making Titans.
  14. I've never seen front rims dished that deep . great looking truck.